Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Dear Tuesday:
You suck nearly as bad as your step-sister, Monday. 

Dear upcoming Wednesday:
Step your shit up!

Ah, the crap part of the day is almost over. Gonna' stop and do some fake and bake and then head home to see Kev, who will be home at 6:30. Of course, he leaves again tomorrow, so that blows. Another 5 days all by my lonesome. Good thing I like being by myself so much, right? Otherwise marrying a pilot probs would not have been a good choice.

Perhaps this evening we can get the bathtub out of my living room. That would be lovely, as I don't really consider that "decorating". The new faucet won't be here until Thursday, but at least I can have my living room back to normal in the meantime.

VOTD: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.  Please drop off the face of the earth. Thank you. Sincerely, 99% of the population.

On to something I enjoy! Nails! Yay!! Somebody asked in one of the nail groups what a good Watermelon polish was, and somebody said Essie Watermelon. Five minutes later, another sale was made on eBay. I received it yesterday, and it is bright! And pretty!
Essie Watermelon Sinful Colors Snow Me White Llarowe LeaLac plate B stamp
See? It's very watermelony and bright and pink. I'm liking it! I'll still probably be taking it off tonight, but I like it.  I just wanted to do a nice white stamp on this. I formulated that plan while standing in line at Walmart. I was a good girl there, too....I only bought 2 polishes, and one of them is white so it doesn't actually count.

I don't know why I feel the need to grab white polishes at random times even though I know I probably have 15 bottles of it in maybe 6 or 7 different brands. Apparently I must feel like I'm constantly on the verge of running out?  Who knows. I have issues. Clearly.

I used the LeaLac A plate with Sinful Colors Snow Me White for this stamp. And hey, I actually looked at the name of the SC white finally! Aren't you proud of me?? And then I put it away, forgot the name and had to go dig it out to look again to write it in here. 

Old-age brain strikes again. 


  1. One of your best pieces of work!

  2. It is pretty ! I'm wearing that color too. I won't get all fancy with stamping but gonna wear this "watermelon" color for a couple of days. It's my first Essie !! IKR !!

    1. Good choice for your first Essie! :)