Friday, June 21, 2013


Went and visited my doctor. I get such a kick out of him. Gotta' love a doc I can give shit to and he dishes it right back. I remember when I first started seeing him years ago, I thought he was such a dudster with no personality whatsoever. I've trained him well.

Got me a lovely cortisone shot and asked how often I'm allowed to get them since the one from March only lasted a month. Only allowed four a year. Super duper. I told him that I do not want that frozen shoulder thing. He agreed and said, "No. No, you don't."  I told him that since only 2-3% of the population gets it, obviously that's what I'll end up having because that is typical me.  I thought he would fall off his chair he was laughing so hard at me.  So now I'm being referred to an orthopedist for my shoulder. Sounds fun.

Then I told him about my failed EGD with the useless, retiring doctor who obviously had no interest in referring me for anything or to anybody....just said to talk to my regular doc and that maybe I don't want to try another EGD, make just get an upper GI. Well, imagine my surprise when I learn today from my general doc that at my last EGD in October of 2009, I not only had ulcers, I also had Barrett's Esophagus. News to me. It was also news to me that this is something that should be checked because a very small percentage of people get esophageal cancer because of it. WTF. Isn't that special. Mabes you could have mentioned that in passing, Mr. Retiring Jackass. An upper GI wouldn't show how that little gem of a problem is doing. I'm being referred to a gastroenterologist for that.

AND since my red blood cells were too large at the last visit, he took blood again today. Doesn't big blood cells sound like it should be something super awesomesauce??  Not so much. If those are still big, he wants me to have a sleep study because that can be caused by sleep apnea. Seriously? Is that "all" the fun news you have for me today? Oh, what's that? That's not one of those at-home sleep studies? I have to go sleep somewhere else? I just called him an asshole, slapped him on the arm and we both started laughing.

Why can't I ever just get a cold or the flu like normal people. Seriously, you guys would not even believe me if I told you all of the weird things I've gotten or had happen to me over the years. Redonk. Truly.

'Nuff of that.  So I lied. I said I was going to leave that foil mani on, but I didn't. I changed my mind last night and took it off. I just felt like monkeying around a bit.  It was a quick one and didn't take much time.
Nailtiques Milan, Konad black, Butter London Matte topcoat Llarowe LeaLac stamp plate B
I knew I wanted to do a dark red with a black stamping. I dug through my two drawers of reds and decided on Nailtiques Milan.  It's such a pretty color, but I like it even better when it's matte using Butter London's matte topcoat. Since I want the black to show up well, I used my Konad black with the Llarowe LeaLac plate B to just put a little bit of a flourish on there.

I love it. I think it's dramatic without being "out there". I was wondering how the black stamp would be about staying on during my shower since I couldn't topcoat after stamping, but it still looks great after that and after working. I keep looking at it cuz' I think it's so pretty, so I call that a success.

Now I have the weekend to just lay around. Hopefully that cortisone will do its thang so I'm not in pain and so I can sleep. A decent night's sleep without waking up from the pain would be delightful.  One day last week Kev told me I had actually woken him up because I started screaming in pain. Now, he didn't define "screaming", and I don't remember it, but I guess that means it hurt.  And I don't even lay on that side.

So here's hoping!! If it works and the weather turns nice so I can lay in the pool, that would make this a damn near perfect weekend. 

In the meantime, I'm gonna' take a snappy-nap for a bit. I is tuckered.


  1. I love the way that red turned's not really red, it's....I dunno what it is but I sure do like it!

  2. I will be praying fo ryou. but on the other hand your nails look great!

    1. Aww, thanks, skittles....that's very sweet of you. :)

  3. I freakin' love this mani. Totally gorgeous! Sorry to hear about your stoopid azz retiring doc, and hope that the shot in your shoulder helps your pain.

  4. Not a fan of red, but I DO LIKE THIS ONE! It looks really "rich"!!!! Gives you a bit of "class" hahahaha <3

    As for all that medical junk... UGH!! Possible surgery on that shoulder then if you're going to an orthopedic???

  5. Oh, I'm always aiming for the moniker of I there yet?
    Um, nobody ever mentioned the word surgery. He just thinks I should at least be seen.

  6. If it turns out some damage was done because of the Lazy retiring doctor, I would consult a malpractice lawyer. He should have retired before he stopped caring about his patients.

    BTW, I really love this mani. You have such a good feel for just how much stamping to add to keep it classy!

    1. My instinct tells me that he didn't "really" do anything wrong because I did choose to follow up with my own doc like he told me to. The actual risk of cancer from Barrett's is very small, something like 1-2%. I'll see what the gastro guy has to say about it, and I'm sure I'll have to have that EGD again.

      It really IS a good mani. :)

  7. I saw your photo of the stamping at the FB group Adventures in Stamping. Beautiful!

    You must be your doctor's favorite patient! :-) I have a friend who suffered from frozen shoulder. Nothing to do about it, except wait, it's self-healing, they say here, but takes almost a year ... Seems terrible.

  8. Yeah, my doc loves me. He said he'd much rather have a smartass as a patient cuz' its more fun for him, too. lol
    Oh, I looked up the frozen shoulder nonsense. It can actually take up to 3 years from start to finish. It's a 3 section thing. So weird. I'm just going to hope that's not what it is. At least the cortisone helped and I don't hurt very much at all, at least for now.