Thursday, June 20, 2013


Ohhh, it is SO close to Friday I can almost taste it. I wish the weather forecast wasn't saying it'll probs rain tomorrow, though. I really wanna lay in the pool. Maybe if it rains, I'll be motivated to do something productive. Like laundry. Or cleaning.

Or taking a nice long nappy-nap. I'll lay odds on this one.

But first I have to go to the doc and hopefully get a cortisone shot in this stupid right shoulder that has bursitis or tendonitis or some shit that I didn't think you could get by doing absolutely nothing. I guess typing, holding a mouse or a remote and painting nails is extremely stressful to my right arm? Oh, can't be from the remote; I use that with my left hand. Sheesh. Can you imagine what kind of shape I'd be in if I actually exerted myself?? Not that I plan on finding out. It better work and last longer than a month this time.

I had a plan for using my nail foils last night. As always with foils, it went completely awry. It still turned out interesting, but it's not what my brain was picturing at all. I actually sat and looked at my hand, took pics and then waited awhile before doing my right hand because I was unsure if I wanted to keep it at all. I am probs letting it stay on until tomorrow, though.
Orly Liquid Vinyl, Dollarnailart nail foils Scraperfect Best Glue Ever
Just in case it isn't obvious, I did a black basecoat. I used Orly Liquid Vinyl. It's a nice black, but after all the raves I had read about it, I don't think it's any better than some of my cheaper blacks.

Once that was dry, I used my fan brush to slap on a little ScraPerfect glue which was slightly diluted with water.  I have the actual glue that comes with the foils, but I like the ScraPerfect better.

The glue dries clear and stays tacky so you can put your foils on. I had cut little pieces of my foils and used a q-tip and polish remover to wipe of the tan-colored backing. Then I just put my foils in random spots of my nail, rubbed a bit and pulled them off.  I just wanted to leave bright flashes of color on top of my black.

Topcoat is always an issue with foils because they ruin the look, but I didn't have to worry about that with this because it simply didn't matter. If they crinkled, fine with me. 

I love foils; I just wish I could figure out a way to make them stay as pretty as they are in the bottle. I bought mine from Dollarnailart and they were only $1 each. They do require a $25 minimum order, though.  I found the ScraPerfect Best Glue Ever on eBay, if memory serves, although I'm sure there are probably actual craft stores that carry it.

So that's the full foil story. Exciting, hey?

Just as a last note, I took a break from this and actually hurt my arm by taking off my cardigan even though I made sure to leave my arm straight down. Now it throbs like a mo-fo again. See how redonk this is?? Hurt by taking off a sweater? Are you effing kidding me?

My hubster should really trade me in for a newer model.


  1. look up Frozen shoulder... Nothing they can really do about it.... I've had it for years.... just has to run its course.... I'm better than I used to be!!!

    1. Run its course?? Will it go away and then come back? Jeebus H.

    2. sorry to hear that. I have shoulder issues too and I've been on the PT/shot/anything they can think of merry go round to try to prevent or delay frozen shoulder.

      At least your nails look awesome though!

    3. I have never even heard of frozen shoulder until now. If this is what it is, let the record show that I am not a fan. At all. I'm glad I can at least suggest it to the doctor tomorrow.

      And bottom line, the only real important thing is that my nails are purdy. Like they say, "It's better to look good than feel good." lol

    4. HAHAHAHA Well, let's hope it's not FS that you have... but I'm betting it is... no amount of treatment seems to help, so save yourself the trouble... it will run it's course, yes... UGH!!!

    5. I'm just wondering if I should go through the tests he's probably going to suggest. He had suggested testing last summer and I said no. I get frustrated paying for tests that either show nothing or show something I can't do anything about.

    6. That's a hard call... you do want to rule out anything more serious than FS, and I'm no doctor, but it sure sounds like what I've had for a few years... it does get better, but...

  2. look so much better than mine ever do! nice!