Wednesday, April 12, 2017


OMG. It has taken me 2 days to figure this out again.

First off, if you're even still here, thank you so much!! I haven't posted in many months. At the end of September I had a brain aneurysm that exploded in my brain. My husband, who was luckily home for one night, found me in bed unconscious, vomit in my mouth and totally non-responsive early in the morning. Bottom line, I had a helicopter ride to another town and spent over 2 months in a hospital bed. I came back home in early December, and I'm very lucky to still be alive and even luckier that I still have a body that works. My left eye is still wonky and I'm still too thin because of all the weight I lost in hospital, but I'm feeling pretty confident that eventually I will be back to my normal. To say it's been a very long road is an understatement.

I've been trying for a few days to get back in here to at least say hi, but my brain doesn't always cooperate the way it used to. It's weird what I remember and what I don't.

I've managed to just paint my nails a couple of times, but I haven't attempted any nail art yet. Things are difficult, let's say. But this is one I did awhile ago so I thought I would at least stop in, say hi and post a pic.

I look forward to hopefully getting back to my old self at some point, but in looking at my drafts section, I do have a few more pics I'll be able to show.

So for now, this is OPI DS Original, stamped using OPI DS Extravagance and my Uber Chic 6-01 stamping plate. I wasn't excited about this one when I did it, and I'm still not! lol
OPI DS Original, OPI DS Extravagance, Uber Chic 6-01
So if you're still here and still reading, I thank you so much. I've really missed all of my nail fun and really hope I'll eventually get back to it!!

Love to all of you!!