Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Holy-moly. When I got home after work yesterday, it was 93 damn degrees in my house. Kev was about ready to pass out because he had been doing some more work in the bathroom, and the poor dogs were miserable even though they had been in the pool 5 or 6 times.  Even Kev took a couple of pool breaks. If it's in the mid 70's right in town where I work, that means it's mid 80's at my house, which is 7 miles away. Now, if it's mid 80's at my house, that means it's mid 90's in my house. Sounds pleasant, right?

Doing my nails didn't really appeal to me, but I did have some mani's I needed to do for Custom Nails. By the time I finished doing two of those, I only had time to slap something simple on to actually wear today.

Almost anytime I need something simple, that means go holo! Not that I need an excuse to wear a holographic polish. I adore them. They're just so fun to stare at all day at different angles in different light. Perfect for the guy or gal that gets easily distracted by "ooohhhh, something shiny!!"

I don't know if you've had the pleasure of owning a holographic polish; I know sometimes they can be pricey.  Solution, Nabi brand. I got 6 bottles on eBay for $21 shipped. That is crazy cheap, especially for a specialty-type polish. I had bought some of their magnetics last spring when I first discovered the wonderful world of nail fun and was very happy with them.

Once I saw some swatches of these 3D Rainbow Effects polishes, I knew I'd get at least a couple. I actually only ended up with 3 because I'm an idiot. I thought I was buying 3 so I only chose 3 colors. Later on I realized the $21 was for 6, and since I only listed 3 colors, I got 2 of each.  Not a big issue; my sister will get one of them, a friend wants another, and I will probs gift the 3rd.

Gosh, it is pretty!
And I figured I should at least get one shot outside in the sun. Even this doesn't really do it justice.
Nabi 3D Rainbow Effect Cinnahon holo holographic swatch
So there it is; the oh-so-gorg Nabi 3D Rainbow Effect Hologram polish in Cinnahon. Stupid name. It's not cinna-anything colored. It's pink. Just plain old ordinary pink that happens to be holo. If that was an attempt at a clever name, they failed.

They are successful with the polish, though, so I'll forgive them.


  1. Oh, that is lovely!!! So happy you are having warm weather there, now stop 'plaining about it, and hop in yer pool! LOL

    1. Don't you think I wish I could be in the damn pool, woman? Sheesh.

  2. It's even better in person. As usual. Darn things are so hard to photograph.

  3. I have some coming in my mail and I am super excited about them!!