Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Oooo, my bathroom is coming along nicely. My new light fixture came today. A new sink is ordered along with a new scale and toilet paper holder. Tomorrow night I'll probs start refinishing the top of the counter. That'll be a few days kind of job. 

I think I almost have Kev convinced that we should buy a kit to refinish the tub and shower. That sounds like a nightmare to do, but it will really make me happy to not have the disgustingly well-water stained crap we have now. Even when it's clean, it looks dirty, which makes me feel like a slobster. I'm not the neatest person on earth, but I am no slobster.

Anywhosers, I did this mani last night and would have posted earlier, but we decided to go out for dinner tonight and then stopped at what we jokingly call our mall so I could get an upholstery needle for fixing that rip in my recliner. My ex offered to fix it for us, so I'm hoping it will at least look good enough to not annoy me every time I look at it.

I got striping tape happy last night. I'm loving the Square Hue polishes this month so I just had to use two of the immediately.
June Square Hue Collins Avenue Square Hue Ocean Drive Sinful Colors Hazard Sinful Colors Sweet Nothing American Apparel Cotton Butter London matte colorblock tape
I started off with a base of American Apparel Cotton. I love this polish; it's white without being too white.....know what I mean?  Then I grabbed my striping tape and taped off my sections before filling them in with Square Hue Collins Avenue, Ocean Drive and Sinful Colors Savage and Sweet Nothing.  I wasn't thrilled with it shiny so I used my Butter London Matte Topcoat. Done deal.

It really didn't take me as long as I thought it would to do this. I like it so much I'm keeping it another day.

Truth be told, I'm only keeping it because it's too late tonight to take it off and do something else. But at least I'm wearing something I don't hate for two days. 


  1. absolutely stunning. Very impressive.

  2. Agree with Arlene! STUNNING!!! Love the progress on the bathroom, too! :o)

  3. I recently did color block nails too but yours is so awesome! :D

  4. I'll just say a big, blanket thanks guys!! Now I have to take this down and watermark my damn picture. Blonde moment.

  5. To help convince Kev ... My aunt and uncle had their bath tub refinished, AMAZING!!! They didn't so it themselves, found some company that does it, but it was WAY cheaper than replacing and its like brand new! DO IT! Ps. LOVE the mani, as if I wouldn't!

    1. Oh, I think he's already convinced. I told him if he does the prep, I'll do the refinishing.