Sunday, June 2, 2013


Today I finally completed the refinishing of all of the wood cabinets in the bathroom. Thank God. Now I just need to wait for Kev to be home so he can remove the sink so I can start refinishing the countertop. I'm so excited to do that part and kiss that blue goodbye.
I also spent a good part of my day bird watching. I'm now officially obsessed with cardinals, and they are apparently obsessed with hanging out on the railing of my deck. Which is fine with me because I get good pictures. 
When I was sneaking up to the door to snap pics one time today, the momma' was directly in front of me on the railing. I glance to the left, and there are two goldfinches perched on my shephard's hook. What the what?? I'm not sure why my deck area is bird heaven this summer, and I've never even been a fan of birds, but I am completely enjoying this. So before I show you my "Kathy Mani", here's a couple of my birds. :)



For whatever reason I guess my pics are all weirdly sized, probs because I crop them to get closer shots. Oh, well. Sorry.

Anywho, here's my mani, dubbed a "Kathy Mani" because this is totes the kind of thing she would do, and not so much the kind of thing I usually do. But I likey.
Colour Gossip Nature Girl Milani Yellow Whiz Llarowe LeaLac stamp
I did this using Colour Gossip Nature Girl, stamped the daisies with my LeaLac LLC-A plate and Konad white, and did the yellow centers with a dotting tool and Milani Yellow Whiz. 

I had never heard of Colour Gossip until I saw them on Instagram, and they sent me a sample. Nice, right? It came yesterday, I swatched it, and it is really nice polish. It goes on like a damn dream. I had looked at Colour Gossip a couple of weeks ago and love their colors.  Consider me a fan.

I'm going to assume you're tired of this post now, so I'll just let it be done.



  1. OMG, you got THAT right!! Totes up my 'mani alley'!! LOVE!!

  2. GREEN! Love the mani, Diane!!! :) The bird pictures are great!!!! Love them!!!!!!

    1. Great color, right? I love this polish!

  3. All the bird pictures are awesome! :)

    1. I'm having so much fun taking pics of them. :)

  4. Looks like my shop logo all over ur fingers! :)