Thursday, June 27, 2013


When I titled this post, I didn't realize that it wouldn't just apply to my mani.

Being the complete social media addict that I "might" be, the first thing I do after getting ready for work in the morning is grab my phone. Admit it. So do you.  There are usually some Instagram notifications, sometimes Facebook, sometimes get the idea.

This morning I clicked on my Instagram and found that someone had mentioned me in a comment. Always fun to see what that's about. I go to it, and I'll be dipped! I won one of the giveaways that I entered, AND I reached the 500 follower mark!! WooHoo!!

I have no clue how that many people even found me, but I'm happy. Here's the awesome prize package I won:
Looks like some fun goodies in there, and none of it looks like anything I already have, which is shocking.  Nice way to start the day, hey? I think every morning should begin like this.

I originally put my golden title on because last night I felt like a gold mani with stamping. I, of course, decided this around 11:30 last night. There must be something wrong with me that makes me do that to myself. It's as if the early evening hours don't exist for me sometimes. I look up from the computer, and suddenly it's midnight. Where in the hell did 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00 go?? Those would be awesome times to do nails if I would pull my head outta' my ass and get to it.

So regardless of the time factor, this is what I ended up doing.
Orly Solid Gold Llarowe LeaLac B stamp Konad black
I like. It's exactly what I was looking for today. Even though Orly Solid Gold is a matte/suede finish, I really prefer it with a topcoat. It seems to make the color look richer and more even. I used the Konad black polish with, you guessed it, my LeaLac plate B. Yeah, I know you're shocked. I'm obsessed with my LeaLac plates, and I wanted something flourishy (not a real word....don't care) that didn't cover too much of the gold. 

Mission accomplished.  This post will now self-destruct in 5 seconds.


  1. Nice mani... and nice haul for the giveaway!!! :) As for Instragram and the others... I just don't get them.. There's no way I would be able to find much on my phone... the whole hash-tag thing has me so confused!!!

    1. Instagram actually is pretty easy. Actually is the least amount of work so it doesn't take up a bunch of time.