Monday, June 17, 2013


Dear Monday,

You suck. Truly.
Sincerely, me.

Yesterday it was probs 85 degrees at my house. Today, I'm wearing a jacket because it's cloudy and feels like fall since it hasn't even reach 60 degrees. I friggin' hate it here sometimes.  At least it was pool weather yesterday, which made me and the dogs very happy. It felt so good to just lie on my raft, bake and watch the hummingbirds while the trees blew all kinds of crap all over me and into the pool. I must have skimmed out at least a thousand of those damn little seed thingies. As fast as I scooped, more fell in. Oh, well....still felt good!

Jackie came over last night to do her nails. I'm hoping it's the last time until she has that damn baby. She's due today and big as a house. I think she's kind of over it now and wants that son of hers to make his appearance. She wanted purdy nails for her doctor appointment today. Apparently last week's were a hit.

I just did something easy with mine because she was coming over. That's a lie. I did something easy because I was lazy. And I was so obsessed with that stamp on her from last week I wanted to use it for myself.
Kleancolor Bright/Moody duochrome Color Club Halo Hues Cherubic Llarowe LeaLac plate b stamp
Coming up with a color combo is always such a pita. I decided on one of the new Kleancolor duochromes, Bright/Moody. Then I thought it might look coolio to use a holo for stamping so I chose Color Club Halo Hues Cherubic. For the record, when doesn't it look coolio to use a holo for anything! Gawd, I just love a holographic polish. So gorg.

So that sums up my Sunday. Jackie and I got our nails did and indulged in some Real Housewives and scotcheroo bars.

All in all, not a bad day! 

kk Bright/Moody CC HH Cherubic


  1. Its super hot where I live one day and colder the next, lol. Nice manicure! :)

    1. I just want it to be 85 degrees and stay that way.

  2. Love the mani!!!! Hope Jackie has that baby SOON! :)

  3. Diane... what is this stamp? :) Thanx!