Saturday, November 30, 2013


Holidays are exhausting. Tyler and the fam have been here since Wednesday, and as usual, we are staying up until the weeeeeee hours. It's ridiculous. As if my lack of sleep wasn't already messing with me enough. At this stage of the game, my body isn't sure when it's night or when it's day. I'm sleepy at 4 p.m. and wide awake at 4 a.m. Last night Tyler got back here around 1:30, I think. After we sat and watched some tv, she decided to do a bit of cleaning for me so I stayed up to keep her company. I think it was almost 6 when I finally went to bed. So yup, I is tired.

The other day when I took off Grey's Anatomy I was just looking through ye' ol' polish stash for something to throw on. It's still not easy for me to do my nails, so I'm trying to stick to plain. I completely forgot I had this. I don't think I've ever used it. I'm sure it was a random "wander through Walmart" grab.
Sally Hansen Night Lights holo
This black is Sally Hansen Night Lights, and it is seriously a nice holo in person. And it probs cost me around $2 instead of the $8-$15 I usually pay for a holo.  Is it as striking as something like the Color Club Halo's or by an indie polish maker? Nope! But if you want to just walk into a store and pay a normal amount for a "fancier" polish, I suggest this one.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. If you braved Black Friday, hopefully you came out with no bruises or broken bones. Personally I don't go out shopping during that mess. I tend to sit home and see what great deals I can snag on the interwebs. 

And snag I did. I also found myself buying for myself because some of the deals were just too good to pass up. I think at last count I had bought myself 4 or 5 new sweaters. Shameful!!

I still have quite a few people to buy for, and writing this was a nice, much needed little break. Time to eat some dinner and perhaps try to finish up a few more people. 

I'll be glad when I'm done shopping and when life in general goes back to normal. Maybe then I can get back to tending the blog like I was before. I hate that I'm not getting as many entries in as before.

A blog without new entries just isn't any fun!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I'm pretty sure that in the past I've mentioned the many wonderful people I've met online either through the nail or Golden Retriever communities, all starting 3 1/2 years ago when I got Tinlee. In that time, they have become some of the most important people in my life. Some I've had the pleasure of meeting in person, and others simply take the time to share their joys, their sorrows and their lives with me. They allow me to do the same and have shown  kindness to me in many different ways.

One of these beautiful people is MJ. I first encountered her via our mutual love of Goldens, and she owns two gems, Jazz and Jules. They even have their own Facebook page!  She has never failed to make me smile with the pictures she posts. She even got sucked into the nail community so I get double doses of her.

Sadly, in what seems to be the blink of an eye, Jules went from seeming fine to a cancer diagnosis that took him from MJ, Larry and Jazz just a few days ago. Just as that filthy scum of a disease took my Shannie from me too young at age 8, it took Jules just a little shy of 7 years old.  Shocking does not begin to describe it. Devastating does not begin to describe it. There simply are no words.  

Once again a group of people from all over the country who have never met sobbed together for a beloved furbaby we didn't have the pleasure of ever seeing in person. The tears flow again as I do this post. Once again Kevin looked over at me like I'm a crazy person as I dissolved into gulping sobs that didn't even allow me to speak to tell him what was wrong. I hate it. I could throw out a bunch of expletives here to emphasize how much I hate it, but I'll spare you the many four letter words I use when this happens.

I'm sure there are many who think it's ridiculous to get so worked up. Those of you who have pets that they love will not think it's ridiculous. It's a fact of life for us; we love our pets with the same depth that we love our people. Yes, perhaps it is a different kind of love, but that loss is felt just as strongly. They are our family. If you don't "get it", I think that's your loss because you're missing out on a bond that only can happen between a pet and their human. 

I'll get off my soapbox now. The purpose of this post is simply to show my love and sympathy.  I'm sincerely hoping MJ won't mind that I've stolen a few pictures of Jules for this post; it was done with love.

This is Jules....such a handsome boy.
Here are some of the many smiles that were given to so many over the years. It was just a couple of weeks ago that I had shared these with the hubby.
And this is one of the most hauntingly beautiful pictures I think I have ever seen, taken only a month ago. Beautiful Jules, absolutely bathed in what to me looks like a heavenly light. This one makes me cry when I look at it.
And finally, what I could manage as a mani that wasn't just plain using my gimpy arm. Not nearly as special as I would like, but it was done with love nonetheless.
Frederick's of Hollywood Starlet, Out the Door Northern Lights Gold topcoat, puppy paw prints
The gold is a polish I got online from Frederick's of Hollywood, Starlet and then I used Out the Door Northern Lights holographic topcoat in Gold before adding the puppy pawprints.

And now that I've one-handed typed this, I'm off to throw some cold water on my face and dry my eyes. Again.

You were loved by many, Jules!

Saturday, November 23, 2013


It's good to know I am still not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. I don't know why I was thinking that my recovery time should be much more miraculous than what anybody said it would/should be. I slept in bed for the past couple of nights, and I actually slept for two hours both times without waking up. Of course, other than those two consecutive hours per night, a lot of wake-ups were still happening.

Overall, though, my arm actually was feeling quite good. As I explained to the hub, my actual shoulder never did hurt either before or after the surgery. It's always been from the shoulder down to my wrist that had pain, and according to the doc, that's the norm. For those first 5 days after surgery, holy was like the world's worst toothache radiating down my arm whether I was moving or not.

Cut to Tuesday, where I found that my arm was feeling pretty damn good. It made me wonder why on earth I could possibly need this sling for the probable two months. I did leave it on except when changing clothes just like I was told, though. Unfortunately, me in a sling means little if I'm not in pain, and I found myself moving and using my right arm and hand quite a bit. 

Back to "I'm an idiot". On Wednesday my arm was throbbing pretty good when I was trying to sleep, and Thursday it hurt more again. Even the top of my actual shoulder hurts a little now. Methinks I made a mistake thinking I was all cool and shit because I could move so well. Lesson learned. I'm going to really have to try and concentrate on not using it even if it feels fine. I googled it. Yup. Mistake made; lesson for sure learned.

Today I'm just showing a polish I threw on last week. I've had it forever, and I think it is the first multichrome I ever bought. With all of the fancy, pricier duo and multi's out there that we all rave about, this little beauty has never gotten its fair share of praise. It's kind of a shame. If you don't own it, run your bunz over to Walmart and grab it. I think I paid around $2 for it. Keep reading to see what it is. ;)

Of course, I couldn't capture all of its beauty, but I tried. There are several colors that the camera just wouldn't pic up.
Wet n Wild Gray's Anatomy multichrome over Orly Liquid Vinyl

Wet n Wild Gray's Anatomy multichrome over Orly Liquid Vinyl

Wet n Wild Gray's Anatomy multichrome over Orly Liquid Vinyl

Wet n Wild Gray's Anatomy multichrome over Orly Liquid Vinyl
Wet n Wild Gray's Anatomy multichrome over Orly Liquid Vinyl
This one rivals any of my other color shifters and cost a whole lot less than most of them. That doesn't mean I don't want some more of those expensive ones, but people really should make more of a fuss over this one. 

I suppose you might want to know what this cheap little beauty is. After I did underwear of Orly Liquid Vinyl, this is two coats of Wet n Wild Gray's Anatomy. Seriously....go buy it. You won't be sorry.

I'm dying to do my nails and stamp on them or something. Anything! I just wander around looking at nails and then pouting because mine are still naked. Maybe today I'll try again, but if it hurts at all, I have to make myself stop.

Like I said; lesson learned.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


It's really difficult to do a lot of typing with just one hand because it simply takes way too long, but since I had a mani in the wings, I thought I'd at least pop in to say "hi".

Surgery was last Wednesday, and it went pretty well, I think. I guess I won't really know for sure until time goes by and I see whether or not my arm goes back to proper working order. Bad news, my rotator cuff was torn which is what we were hoping would not be the case. He repaired that and also removed a bone spur. I guess just having the bone spur is what I was expecting based on the MRI. I don't go back in until the 3rd so hopefully I will get more info then since right now I feel like I know nothing. Other than it hurts like a mo-fo.

For some reason I thought that right after surgery sleep would be in my future. Wrong! Oh, so wrong. My arm still hurts much worse at night, and now it's stuck in a sling so I can't even move around to try to make it better. I did manage to sleep for 2 whole hours in a row last night. Sad though it is, that's a win at this point.

Before I had my surgery, I did this water marble specifically so I'd have something to post. I would have shown it before now, but it also hadn't occurred to me that trying to do a blog post with one hand would be time-consuming, and I just haven't had that kind of ambition. I miss doing it, though, so I'm sucking it up for today.
I started off with my fave neutral, OPI My Vampire is Buff.  I was in the mood for some kind of Army green and grabbed OPI Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window, OPI Stranger Tides and Sinful Colors Nirvana.

Looking at this is really making me want to do my nails. I did do one hand the other day because I had forgotten to do one for CNS that I had promised to get to them. It was a painful process just doing the one hand. I guess you don't notice how you're moving until you do it wrong. For now my nails are naked which is really bugging me, but I don't think it's worth hurting myself just to do them.

It's not like I'm going anywhere.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Finally heard from the hospital this morning. They did the usual run through with me, "do you have this", "have you ever had that", "what medications do you take", and on and on and on.

Once we finished up with that always boring bit of business, she told me to be at the hospital at 2 p.m. That's right, 2 p.m. At first I was really happy about it because I honestly thought they would make me be there at 6 or 7, which would have suuuccckkkkeeeed.

After thinking about it, now I'm not quite as happy because it means I won't even get home until at least 10 p.m. For some unknown reason that really chaps my ass. Oh, well. I just want it over with.

I considered saving this one for some other time, but I just can't do it. I'm too in love with it to not share. And you even get a half-assed tutorial with it! How lucky are you all feeling right about now?
Studio M Magic Attraction, Sally Hansen black, striping tape
Studio M Magic Attraction, Sally Hansen black, striping tape
TA-DA!! Here's what I ended up with!
Studio M Magic Attraction, Sally Hansen black, striping tape
And here's just a shot of it all by itself in its full-size glory. Hot damn, this is one fantabulous mani!!
Studio M Magic Attraction, Sally Hansen black, striping tape
The glitter polish base is two coats of Studio M Magic Attraction. It is a really pretty glitter, one of my favorites. I just used Sally Hansen black on top of the striping tape.

I actually copied the design off of a Konad plate that I love and had to have specifically for this pattern. And like everything else on my Konad plates, the design is way too tiny for my nails. So yeah, I'm loving this.

Oh, for cripes sake. I'm in the middle of typing this and just got an email that this is already up on the Nail It magazine webpage. Sheesh. That kind of takes the fun out of putting it here. 

Nail It has told me to submit any tutorials I do from now on. After I finished this one up on Saturday night, I emailed it to my contact person.  She didn't waste any time using it.

Can't say I blame her; it's friggin' gorg. IMHO, of course.

Monday, November 11, 2013


Last week the boss' daughter came in to visit. A few months ago she spent some time in the office doing some of the work while she was looking for a new job. She got a good job so off she went. Well, she stopped in to ask about working in the evenings while I'm off work for "two weeks". Somewhere along the line between my boss, his wife and her, two months turned into two weeks. In other words, after I was nice enough to postpone my surgery so he'd have time to find somebody, somebody still hadn't been found. Unreal.

When he came back after lunch I mentioned that she had stopped in, and he said that he was going to have her come in at night to do the typing. Um...okay. He still hadn't found anybody to actually "work" during the day. He informed me that his goal was "to not panic" when I leave. 

Today I texted his daughter to wish her a happy birthday, and she asked me if I knew that he'd found someone. What? Honest to God, he is enough to drive a person to drink. Excessively. Evidently his son's girlfriend is just going to come in and answer phones 5 hours a day, and Dana will come in at night and do the typing. And people wonder why I feel bad when I leave. Sheesh. He's like a child sometimes. But I guess I don't have to worry about it anymore. Dana knows she can text or call me, and I'll help her if she has any questions.

The biggest stress on my mind now is the whole unemployment thing. I've never had to get that before, and I guess I have to apply for jobs and prove it twice a month. Um, I don't want a new job, people. So I'm freaked out by that whole process.

The weekend was quite uneventful. Got the house cleaned on Friday, and that pretty much sums up the extent of my ambition. I did manage to make some tuna salad last night so I have something to eat without having to cook after the surgery. Next up to cook will be some chili soup. Other than those two things, maybe I'll just live on sammiches. 

I was determined to get a couple of mani's done over the weekend, and I did do three. I was just kind of messing around trying different things, and some of those were epic failures. If everything I tried would have actually worked, I probably would have six to post. Oh, wellz; not everything works every time.

I have quite a few of the stamping plates with the French tip designs on them. I used one many months ago and wasn't overly excited about it. I found it difficult to get them on straight across. On Saturday I decided I'd give it another try.

It's funny how in the pic it looks like I didn't paint my nails. Those of you with the Custom nails in pink know that they look quite similar to how these look here. Actually, they are painted with Sinful Colors Glass Pink. It's super light and has a slight shimmery sparkle to it. Photo fail!!

Then I tried stamping with an off-white OPI because I wanted the tip design to be subtle. It didn't show up at all, so I called that too subtle.  I decided I'd better use my actual stamping polish to make it show up. It still ended up not quite bold enough, but in person it wasn't bad.
Sinful Colors Glass Pink, MASH white stamping polish, Bundlemonster BM216 French tip stamp
I had a really hard time deciding which tip design to use, too. There are several cute ones in the bunch I have, but I like this one from the Bundlemonster BM216 plate.

While it isn't a very exciting mani, it is dainty and I suppose might be cute for a wedding mani or some such nonsense.  Of course before I found out about all this nail stuff, I would have thought this was the best shit ever! Now, not so much.

I have a couple of good mani's left to show, and I'm just going to say this much; one of them is a showstopper! I'm not sure if I'll post it tomorrow in case I'm out of commission for a bit or if I'll hold on to it for when I come back, but I think it's one of the grooviest mani's I've ever done.

Consider yourself teased.

Friday, November 8, 2013


I really hate stupid people.  And last night I discovered that I am a stupid people. As I'm sure you're tired of reading about, my effing arm hurts! Not a news flash, I know. Well, last night Kev was asking how it was doing, and I was telling him how it just hurts all the time now. Then I was saying how I had never let it go this long; before I would have gotten a cortisone shot and never given it a chance to get this bad.

So yeah, it was right about at that moment where I said, "Ya' know, if I was smart, I would have asked the doctor if I could get just one more shot to hold me over until surgery."  Great idea, right? Would anybody care to explain to me why the hell I didn't think of that brilliant, logical idea before now? I mean, it's pointless now, but holy shitballs; I could have saved myself a whole lot of pain and sleepless nights if I had even half of a brain. I'm so pissed at myself!

On a brighter note, though, instead of taking one Tylenol with codeine before bed last night I popped two of those suckers and slept a little better. Woop.

We were watching the telly last night and I dozed off in the middle of a show and slept kind of off and on for about 90 minutes. It was a restless nap because my arm kept waking me up, but when I finally decided to stay awake, I hadn't even thought about what to do on my nails.

I took off the red and gold, but then I just still felt kind of sleepy and unmotivated until suddenly it was midnight, and I still had naked nails. Well, that's not good! (like I said, I am a stupid people)

My Essie Good as Gold was sitting on the end table next to me, and since I didn't feel like going to search for anything else, I slapped on two coats of that, topcoated and planned on just going with that.

Of course I couldn't just leave it alone. I went and grabbed my DRK-A plate, my MASH black stamping polish and quickly did what I have here. It went really fast, so I still got to bed at my normal time.
Essie Mirror Good as Gold, MASH black, Ninja Polish DRK-A stamp
I actually love this pretty damn much. I don't think I've used this pattern before. It's one of those that cover a nice amount of the nail but still let the base color show through, and those are usually my faves.  Yup, a last minute winner, in my opinion.

Now it's Friday; I've cleaned the whole house because I'm thinking I won't want to be doing that next weekend. I was probs funny to watch while doing it. I was trying to use just my left hand and not move my right arm. Holy-moly, that was hard! I am definitely not so coordinated without my right hand. 

I think I will go make some peanut butter cookies for supper just because they sound delightful and I can't think of anything "real" food that sounds as good as those.

Peanut butter = protein. Justified!


Thursday, November 7, 2013


I'm feeling saddish today. My friend lost her best friend, her "Baboo", her hubster, yesterday afternoon. After months of questions about what was really wrong with him, they finally found out just a few days ago, and he passed quietly, peacefully and with dignity with perhaps his fave bluegrass music playing in the background to ease the way. Tons-o-love going out from my heart to hers right now. 

I tend to get more than a little emotional for stuff like this. I wish I had a dollar for every tear I've shed for people I've never actually  met or for their pets whenever life takes a big ol' shit on them. Sometimes it sucks being a mushball on the inside and a hardass on the outside....tends to confuse people. Oh, well. Such is life, I guess. We all deal in the best ways we know.

I had the worst headache I've had in months yesterday. Normally I pop two Excedrin Migraine when I get to work to keep the headache I have every day from getting worse. Since I'm having the surgery next week, I had to stop taking anything containing aspirin until afterwards. Guess they're askeered I'll bleed to death from my blood being all thin and stuff.  Whatevs. By the time I got home from work I wanted to just chop my head off with a steak knife. It would have hurt less. I broke down and took some Excedrin, so if you never hear from me again after the 13th, it might just be that I didn't make it through surgery. Then I closed my eyes for about 45 minutes and that, in turn, made my arm throb. I can't win.

The other thing that happens when I try to do that in the recliner, for some reason the dogs just cannot leave me alone. That damn Baylee can seriously ignore me for a week unless I'm feeding her, but if I try to lay down, that cold nose of hers nudges me non-stop. And, if God forbid I don't open my eyes to look at her or reach out my hand to touch her, then she'll just try to climb up onto my lap. Meanwhile I have Tinlee on the other side of me doing the same thing. It's amusing but inconvenient. I do love those damn dogs.

After my little "nap", I broiled up some steak for supper for Kev and I, and then we settled in to start watching some tv. I decided that even though my head was killing me, I just couldn't bring myself to leave that polish on for a 3rd day. Just couldn't.

Somebody wore this the other day, and it reminded me how pretty it is and that I hadn't used it in awhile.
Zoya Blaze, Orly Luxe, Cheeky H stamp plate
Zoya polishes are such great polishes, and I love this one, Blaze. It's a great deep red with a nice shimmer to it.  I knew I wanted gold over it but didn't want to cover it all up, so I pulled out my Cheeky H stamping plate. It's a great plate with all scroll-type designs. I tried a couple different golds before deciding on Orly Luxe. It's more of a metallic gold. Purdy!!

Now I just need to think of something to do for tonight's mani. I am bound and determined to do them every day for the next few days. I'm seriously starting to panic about not being able to do nails after surgery. Or how I'll play on the computer. Or get dressed. Everything I own goes on over my head, and I just can't picture me doing that anytime soon. Right now it's easy to get things on, but getting them off at night is another story altogether. Every day I feel my shoulder getting just a little bit worse. Not a fan. I've never let it get this bad before because normally I would have gotten a cortisone shot. I hope this damn surgery works.

If it doesn't, you'll be reading a rather huge VOTD on here.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


First thing I'm going to do here is ask you all, if you're the prayin' kind, to please throw a few out into the universe for a friend of mine. I won't go into much detail for obvious reasons, but she will soon be suffering a major loss in her life and could use some good vibes. 'Nuff said. Thank you.

I guess the meeces really are gone. I haven't heard a peep or seen a poop outta' them since I caught that last one. It's so cold and rainy out today, I feel a bit sorry for them. But I'll get over it.

I thought I slept fairly decent last night, but I guess I was wrong. When the alarm went off, it wasn't pretty because I could not move my right arm. I probs looked pretty ridiculous as I stumbled into the kitchen with it stuck in an "up" position. It took probably 10 minutes before I could take my left hand and gradually move it back into place. Ouchers! I guess one advantage of having a sling will be that I can't stick my arm into positions it does not belong. Glass half full.

One morning when I went on Facebook, the very first thing I saw was a pic of this new polish by Avant Garde. For whatever reason, I decided right then that I was going to buy it. Hell, it was on sale for $5.00 so why should I resist? I shouldn't! So I didn't!

I received it last week and swatched it. I don't think it lives up to the pic that made me want to buy it, but it is very pretty.  It's holographic, although not as much as some other brands, and it also has a pretty good color shift to it. Not that I could catch either of these things very well. You'll have to kind of take my word for it on this one.

Here's how I wore it yesterday. It did take 3 coats for me to be satisfied with the coverage.
Avant Garde Lacquer Dancing Through Fire

Avant Garde Lacquer Dancing Through Fire
This pic I took while I was just sitting in my chair, and I used the flash which I never do. It does show the holo effect better so I included it here.
Avant Garde Lacquer Dancing Through Fire
Last night I fully intended on taking this off and doing something else, but I was chatting with my friend on Facebook instead. When I finally decided to do nails, I decided I would just stamp right on top of this.
The name of this mauvey-purpley pretty is Avant Garde Dancing Through Fire, and I stamped the hearts with my Llarowe LLC-A plate.  I didn't originally want to stamp with black. I wanted to stamp with a dark creme that would match the polish color. Unbelievably, with over 1,000 in my stash, I didn't have one that would work. I was annoyed and shocked by this.

I guess that means there is at least one more polish I need to buy.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Ugh. I'm so bored with my nails lately. And I don't want to be bored; I want to be doing a bunch of mani's because I know I'll be out of commission starting next Wednesday. I'm sure by next Friday I'll be complaining about not being able to paint 'em. But I can't do a bunch if I can't think of a bunch to do. Woe is me.

I shouldn't be in such a shit mood today; I slept in bed last night and actually did some sleeping for a change. It was kind of a nice surprise to wake up and realize I hadn't woken up 15 times during the night. Hopefully that's a trend that will continue for awhile, and hopefully I won't go back to not sleeping once the surgery is done.

No mouse action last night at all, so I'm thinking I've caught them all. I'm going to leave the traps out for another week just to make sure, but I'm pretty sure I've seen the last of them for this year. They are cute, but good riddance. The dish towels sitting out on the counter are not considered good decorating. It's def a look; it's just not a good look.  Martha Stewart would be horrified.

On a bright note, I reached 1,000 Instagram followers yesterday. That is crazy!! It never ceases to amaze me when I get a new follower, whether it's here, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. I know it's a small number compared to a lot of other nail painters, but I'm pretty happy about it. It certainly isn't anything I would have imagined when I first tried out that first color back in April of 2012. I do love my small slice of the nail polish/nail art world, and I hope it continues for a very long time.

Here's the mani I wore yesterday. Once again, not exciting, but I got both of these Zoya's fairly recently and never used them and thought they'd look nice together. I was right. 

Don't laugh! Sometimes I AM right.
Zoya Neely, Zoya Evvie, Ninja Polish DRK-A stamp
The lighter color is Zoya Neely. I snagged it on eBay for $4, and I love a good light green.  Zoya Evvie is one that I got with my gift certificate from winning the Halloween nail art contest on The Beauty Clutch FB page. I used my DRK-A plate for the stamp. This design is one of my all-time favorites.

I suddenly decided just now that I need my hairs cut. Well, I actually decided that about 3 weeks ago; it just took me until this minute to actually do something about it. I got lucky because she has an opening today right after I leave work. I don't know why I always put it off for so long; it takes all of 10 minutes. So rather than going straight home and possibly eating dinner, I'll lose some split ends.

Good times.  I can barely contain my excitement at the prospect. 

Monday, November 4, 2013


Hopefully you all had a fun Halloween and weekend. Mine was full of that oh-so-cute grandson of mine, Griffin. He just gets funnier with every visit. I got lots of smooches and hugs and I loves you's this time around. The last time he was here he was kind of in that "I'm not hugging or kissing anybody" frame of mind. I much preferred this visit for that. 

He also now automatically assumes that I'll have a surprise in my hand for him when he comes. It's my own fault because the last few times he got here I gave him a new Hot Wheel. Guess I'll need to always have some on hand. I'm sure as hell not going to disappoint him; I'm the g-ma! 

Still playing mouse games at the old homestead. There were a couple of times over the weekend when I'd hear him and then find the trap open, food gone, no mouse. Last night when I was laying in bed I could have sworn I heard him and thought I also heard the trap click shut. I decided he could wait until this morning even though I knew I was running the risk of the little bugger escaping. I just didn't care enough to go look.

So this morning one of the first things I did was check the traps. Nope. No sign of anything.  I must have been hearing things last night.  Once I got ready for work I was sitting in the living room and started hearing noises. Went to the cupboard, and sure enough, closed trap. And this time there was a mouse inside! Yay! I put the closed trap inside a bowl, snapped a cover on it and let him go for a ride in the car on my way to work. I stopped about a mile from my house where there's a parking lot. I opened my car door and put the bowl on the ground and let him out. So funny how he scurried off. I watched him head off into the woods, probably very happy to have had a meal and to now be free again. 

As far as I know, that should be it. I don't think there are any others hanging around. I haven't heard any in the walls anymore. So now maybe my kitchen can get back to normal. I'll leave the traps for a few more days, but I'm hoping the fun is over.

After doing the Halloween mani's, it was hard to think of anything to do to my nails. It also is a bit harder when Griffin is home, and Tyler had friends in and out the entire week, too. I did manage to do this one but only kept it for a day.
Julep Rachel, Essie Mirror Penny Talk, Ninja Polish DRK-C stamp
It's pretty enough; it's just kind of a snooze-fest. I wish I could think of something spectacular to do.  This brown was in my monthly Maven box from Julep, and its name is Rachel. I stamped over that using my Ninja Polish DRK-C stamp and Essie Mirror Effects Penny Talk.

Not bad; just not impressive. I want to impress, dammit!

I'm afraid that's it for today, gang. It's time to go home, and I have the feeling like I may just doze off when I get there. Sleeping has been better the past few nights now that I have the pain pills, but it still isn't great.