Friday, May 31, 2013


Yesterday we discovered that we have a family of cardinals living in a tall shrub at the corner of my house right by our deck. We snuck over to peak yesterday, and the mom flew out of it. She was PISSED!!!  We saw where the nest was and Kev saw at least two babies.  Momma' was squawking at us the whole time.

So now I not only have the hummingbirds, I have this little fam. They are much harder to stalk than the hummers. I did manage to get some pretty awesome pics of the mom and dad, though. Damn, they are purdy!!

Maybe that red cardinal was in my head last night when I picked my nail color. Totes not true. Kev had to leave for work this morning and get up at 3:30 a.m. and decided to sleep in the spare bedroom so the dogs wouldn't keep him awake. Right after he went in there, it dawned on me that all my nail stuff was in there! Whoa, hubster!! I need to grab some stuff real quick!! I grabbed a few things without giving it much thought, and this is what I ended up with.
Jade Vermelho Surreal holographic holo Essie Good as Gold Llarowe LeaLac stamp

Jade Vermelho Surreal holographic holo Essie Good as Gold Llarowe LeaLac stamp

Jade Vermelho Surreal holographic holo Essie Good as Gold Llarowe LeaLac stamp

Jade Vermelho Surreal holographic holo Essie Good as Gold Llarowe LeaLac stamp
Sorry for all the pics, but it's just so gorg I had to. It's my first Jade polish. I've been wanting some for the longest time but never bought. When I bought my new LeaLac stamping plates, I decided to grab a few polishes. I've really wanted a nice red holo; mission accomplished. This is Vermelho Surreal. I wanted to stamp on it without ruining the effect, so I just did my Essie Good as Gold with my LLC-B plate.

It looked really good all day. And now it has black paint in several spots because I'm still working on the bathroom.  I should have that part of the work done this weekend.

But for now, I'm off to eat a filet and some french fries. Cuz' I'm starving!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Yes, I feel bad for not posting anything yesterday. I had the afternoon off to head off to my dentist who just happens to be 2 hours away. By the time we stopped for dinner and got home, for some reason I was just bone-tired. I'm at the point in my "say no to sleep" life goal where I hit that wall I occasionally hit. Ya' know, the wall that says, "Hey dumbass! You need to catch up on your zzzz's!"  I dozed off and on in front of the tv until Kev finally convinced me to just go to bed. So at 11:30 I stumbled off. It would have been nice, but of course I still woke up at 2:15, 4:25 and 5:35 a.m. God forbid I should ever just sleep through the night.

And since I'm still tired and don't know if I'll have the ambition to do my nails again tonight, I'm throwing up a past mani. My total exhaustion has its grip on me. I hate it.
China Glaze Agro Essie Good as Gold Butter London Matte Topcoat stamp
It might be old, but it's still purdy, no? This is Agro from the China Glaze Hunger Games collection. I love this green!! I used my go-to fave gold for the stamping, Essie Good as Gold. Those mirror effects are the shiz for stamping. It's really just about all I use them for. Then I wondered how it would look matte, so I grabbed my Butter London Matte Finish topcoat. The nice thing about throwing on a matte topcoat; if I hate it, just topcoat it again with Seche Vite. Problem solved. lol

I promise something new over the next day or so. I have those new stamping plates to play with, and I'm kinda' itching to do a water marble....mabes with that new Kleancolor duochrome collection. Hmmm...hope I'm that ambitious over the weekend.

That's it. I'm tired and can't think of any more words.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Holy wah!! I got over 10,000 views in just under two months!! I don't know for sure, but that seems like a TON to me!! Unbelievable. Thank you all for sticking with me. :)

Okay. I lied. I am posting tonight because I got two new stamping plates in the mail today and couldn't wait to try them.

But first, lest you think I have nothing to bitch about, after my unsuccessful attempt at that EGD last Friday, I heard from the doctor's office today. As I expected, my gall bladder is fine. Duh. As for another attempt at the EGD, apparently my doctor is retiring, and I was his last procedure. Nice.

So the nurse had the doc call me, and he said to go to my regular doctor, and it's up to me whether I want to retry it or not. Or maybe I'd rather just have an upper GI. Huh?

I understand why you're retiring, you f**ktard.

But then I came home for lunch and found 6 new nail polishes, some sequins, a cute little purse from Custom Nail Solutions and my two new stamping plates from Llarowe. That's enough to put even me in a good mood.
Zoya Kendal Llarowe LeaLac stamp
I still wanted something light, so I grabbed Zoya Kendal and my Konad white. AND my brand spankin' new LeaLac LLC-A plate. I got that and LLC-B, and oh, they are so spectacularly fab. I've been holding off on getting these because two of the images on the B plate are wonky which pisses me off, but I couldn't wait any longer. It figures the wonky images are two I really love, but such is life.

I heart this very much. It's just such a pretty color, and I love the delicate design of this one.  Lawdy, I see some fun with these plates in my future.

That'll do it for today! I'm outtie.

Monday, May 27, 2013


Late again, but did some more work on the bathroom today. When I woke up today, I could hardly move. Sweet jeebus, it sucks being old. It sucks even worse to feel old. Which I do.

I had already warned Kev that he would have to do the stripping step on everything else in the bathroom because my friggin' shoulder is so messed up I don't have the strength to scrub hard enough. Then today I decided I would at least pull the drawers and do those and some trim. Once he does the cleaning part on the vanity and medicine cabinet, I'll take over with the staining. I'll be SO glad when it's done. Then I get to refinish my hideous blue (puke) vanity top and the area surrounding my tub. I'll be so happy to have that butt-ugly blue gone.

I was bound and determined to do a mani tonight. It's one I've been planning to do for the last week or so but just didn't have the time.  I'm pretty sure I'll leave this one on for a couple of days so you'll probs get rehash mani's for at least a day or two. Of course, for a lot of you, they aren't rehashes because you've more than likely never seen them before. :)
Barielle Berry Go Round Salon Perfect Bellini
I'm liking this, but it was kind of a pain in the ass to do and took way too much time. The light peach is Salon Perfect Bellini, and the darker coral is Barielle Berry Go Round. For the white I just grabbed my Sinful Colors. I love peaches and corals, so I'm a fan of this one. At the last minute I decided to add some rhinestones, just because I have so many to use. One of these days I'm just going to do my nails in solid rhinestones....bling the shit outta' these nails just for funsies.

And now I'm actually too tired to even think of anything to say. Oddly enough, that does happen to me sometimes. Honestly.

Thank God for short work weeks. I still need a nap.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Whew!! It's been a busy weekend for me so far. Since me and my brilliant self thought redoing the bathroom was a "great" idea, I've been working on refinishing the cabinets. Thus, my absence of a blog post last night. I was too tuckered to even write one up.

Recently I was sent some Jamberry nail wraps to try. I'll be totes honest here; I was not really expecting much. My previous experience with another brand was less than stellar. I found them difficult to work with and way too fragile. I think I ripped as many as I managed to get on my fingers. 

I didn't receive full sets, but I received several cute designs so I could do an accent nail. Also not really my thing, but I'm liking what I did here.
Essie Turquoise & Caicos Jamberry
Cute, right? That little Jamberry sucker fit my pinkie perfectly!  Then I went to my "green drawer" and found a green that matched, Essie Turquoise & Caicos. I wanted a way to bring in the red of the cherries. What's that you say? I little sliver of a french tip would work? Hellz, yeah, it works. It works like nobody's business. I'd tell you the name of the red if it had one, which it doesn't, but it's Color Club.

I have to tell ya', I am actually really impressed with these. They are thicker and sturdier than the Sally Hansen. You peel them off the sheet, heat 'em with a blow dryer for 15 seconds and then apply. Once they're warm, they are nice and pliable, and I had no issues with crinkles or bubbles.  

Since I've been refinishing stuff, my hands have been in water a ton over the last two days. You'd faint if you saw how dry the skin is around my fingers right now. I had to really load on the cuticle stuff just to take this picture. That pinkie looks as good now as it did when I put it on. I'm seriously kind of wondering how hard it will be to get it off! lol

Jamberry nails come in a TON of cute styles. Check them out and order here: JamWithShea - You'll find classic, fun and classy styles, something for every taste. They get a big "pinkie" up from me.

Now, I'm off to do the next step on my cabinet. After that, I really should pick up around here. Everything is a damn disaster, and not a beautiful disaster. Just a disaster, one big craptastic bunch of stuff laying all over.

I need a nap.

Friday, May 24, 2013


So now what? I went to the hospital today for my EGD, completely looking forward to that lovely drug-induced nappy-nap I always get afterwards. I was also looking forward to waking up and actually being able to drink something. I can't tell you how many times I reached for my glass of Dr. Pepper at work today before remembering I wasn't allowed to drink anything. Poo.

All good to go; IV is in, doc-man comes in and sprays that so-called "cherry" spray in the back of my throat. I love how they call it cherry and in the same breath warn you how godawful shitty it tastes. Even though I know how bad it tastes because I've had it several times before, once they spray it I realize it is actually even worse than I remember.

Add the happy juice to my IV and off to sleepy bliss I go. I wake up, or what resembles awake, and they tell me they didn't do the EGD. Huh??  I guess that even though they doped me up twice, I wasn't "comfortable" and kept moving around and he couldn't get the scope in. Fan-effing-tastic. So I go next Thursday for my results. Um, what results would those be? I'm so confused by the entire sitch. I've had 3 of these before without problems, so wtf is going on here?  I guess that means they'll have to try again another day? And in the meantime I'll have no diagnosis and still a huge pain in my stomach. Woe is me.

At least I had cute nails for the nurses to ooo and ahhh over. Even the doc, who has the personality of a doorknob, commented on them.
Color Club Halo Hues Cherubic holographic holo Loreal Brit Invasion Ninja Polish DRK-A stamp
I just got this Loreal Brit Invasion last week. It's a really cool brown with a shimmer to it. I thought it would be fun to stamp with something holographic, Color Club Halo Hues Cherubic was my choice along with the DRK-A plate. I'm happy with it, mostly because I was having severe stomach pain last night, and this went really fast, which is what I needed.

So that's my bitch for Friday to go along with my mani. Hopefully I won't fell this crappy all weekend because I have stuff to do!

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Either I blinked and missed summer, or we just aren't getting it this year. I did wear shorts one day last weekend for a total of about four hours. It appears that all those new shorts I bought for summer should have been left at the store. Mabes I should have bought a new winter coat instead since that's what I had to wear to work this morning.

May 23rd....that's right. A fricken winter coat.  Now, I know we aren't known for the warmest weather on earth up here in Yooperville, but 38 degrees? For realz?? Methinks Ma Nature is being a real bitch. PMS'ing much there, Muther----?

Tomorrow afternoon I get to go have my EGD done. I'm looking forward to the nappy-nap I'll be getting. It does waste part of my long weekend which kind of blows, but whatevs. Gotta' do it.  After I awaken from my slumber, hopefully I'll be able to get to refinishing my bathroom cabinets.  Doesn't that sound like funsies? If you said yes to that question, turn your ass right around and go play on someone else's blog. :P

On to the mani! I actually did this Tuesday night but for whatever reason I just felt like posting that old marble. This actually is quite holo-fantabulous in the light with the black over it. If I'm lyin', I'm dyin'.  And unless those EGD results say otherwise, I don't think I'm going anywhere anytime soon. I'm assuming I have at least another decent 50 years in me.
Layla Flash Black holographic holo Kleancolor Metallic Black Ninja Polish DRK-A stamp
The holo basecoat here is Layla Flash Black. I'm in love with the Layla holo polishes. Great in two coats with nary a bald spot. Rather than use a stamping polish, I used Kleancolor Metallic Black with DRK-A. Their metallics are sooooo great for stamping!! The black one is weird, tho. It's not like a true, solid black. It has the weirdest  tiny silvery pewtery shimmer to it. It's hard to explain (obvi).

I'm not impressed with my stamping job on this one. About all I can say is they are all crooked at the same angle. No matter; it's coming off tonight to be replaced by I have no clue what. Everything I feel like doing is light, and I can't do light until I soak off my nails.  That's the other thing I'm hoping to accomplish this weekend.

Loving all the comments you guys have been leaving!! Awesomeness!! Now I need you, my loyal friends, to go snag me some more followers! The FB page is up to 97...woohoo!! I even have 199 following me on Instagram already, but I seem to be stuck here at 118. Not shabby by any stretch of the imag, but I'm greedy and not afraid to admit it. 

Almost time to head on outta' here. I love Thursdays because I know tomorrow is Friday. Gonna' get my tan on, figure out supper, see how much the hubster got done in that bathroom (hopefully it's painted) and then do my nails while I watch the 'vision.

Au revoir until maƱana!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Back in March I was lucky enough to have some of my manicures featured in an article in the Les Nouvelles Esthetiques and Spa magazine. Quite the thrill even though I didn't receive any type of credit for it. My panties aren't in a bunch over it; I'm simply tickled that it happened.

And yesterday, I found out that some more of my "semi-famous left hand" are in the May issue, too!! WooHoo!! What a fun thing to have happen to a little nobody that lives in bumf*** nowhere that has no training or anything that would even remotely qualify me to be doing any of this.  Brag over. :)

I did do a manicure last night but decided to pull out an older one instead for tonight. No reason; just cuz' I can. 

Short and sweet, here it is:
Sally Hansen Lustre Scarab Plume Lava Copperhead Firefly marble water marble
I've tried several times to get a multi/duochrome marble to turn out the way I want, but they never do. I'm sure I'll try again! But for this attempt I did a basecoat of "10" Professional black and then did my marble using the Sally Hansen Lustre collection, Scarab, Plume, Lava, Copperhead and Firefly.

Looking at this really does make me want to try another marble. I heart marbles and have to make a concerted effort to not do them all the damn time. They are for sure one of my fave things to have on my nails. 

I'm fresh out of snark tonight. Hopefully I'll have a fresh supply soon because I am bored with my own post this evening.  So I'm outtie. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


HUGE VOTD.  So is this post really late or really early? This is what should have showed up here last night. Don't blame me, blame Charter. Those of you that see my FB profile know that I am extremely disgusted with Charter Communications. Over the last few months our internet keeps stopping and then restarting; sometimes a ton of times during the day. Then we may have a stretch where it works fine. Then on other days it's off for huge sections of time. Like last night.

I'm on the verge of going down there and decking the first person I see.  We had problems a few months ago; bought a new router. That didn't fix it. Bought a new modem. That didn't fix it. Finally got the idiots out to the house where he did some messing around, saying that Kev needed to call in when he got the new router to get it set up.  He did call in, you a-hole.

He left after "supposedly" fixing it. No more than an hour later, down again. Um...really?

Longish story shortish, they've been out 3 times and still can't get it right. Everytime Kev calls they tell him to reset everything. Um...really? Is that what we should do? Like we haven't done that 8,000 times in the past four months?  Even my damn computer is smart enough to tell me it's an issue on their end, something to do with the DNS. My patience is gone. Well, it's actually been gone since the first time they came out and accomplished nothing. They don't seem to have any trouble accomplishing the removal of my money from my checking account every month, though...they are on their game there. I am not a person that is happy without internet. For realz. It makes me cranky, and trust me when I tell you, a cranky Diane is not a pleasant thing for anyone. Even me.

VOTD over. 

So that's why this post was not up last night. By the time my interwebs was working, it was way too late to do this. So I quickly uploaded my pic so I could do this from work today. Ya' know, because I work so hard.

I probs should clarify that I honestly DO work hard; I'm just fast and get caught up quickly. And for now, the bossman is off to another town for court which gives me at least 3 hours to play.

On to the mani!!  I was looking at my last post and thought to myself, time to use dark polish, woman. My growout is starting to annoy me, and I'm not ready to soak off my nails for a reapplication, so expect darker colors for at least a few days.

I was just kind of playing around with this. I painted my nails black and wanted to just add different brights to that. Decided I would grab a bunch of Kleancolor metallics and a striping brush, and 20 minutes later, this is what I had.  
Orly Liquid Vinyl is my black base, and then I just randomly striped on Kleancolor Metallics in Aqua, Pink, Yellow, Purple and China Glaze Riveting. 

It looks less murky in person than it does in this picture, but even in this pic, I do like it. It keeps catching my eye as I sit here, and I consider that a good thing. I'm kinda' glad it's not sunny out because I have a feeling this one might be hazardous while driving.

Not that I would ever even consider looking at nails or taking pics of nails while driving.......

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Another weekend come and gone way too fast. Heavy sigh....
I did get a whole lotta' tv watched. Sadly, that's about the only thing I accomplished. I sat outside or in my beloved recliner, playing on the internet, watching tv and taking pics of my hummingbirds. It appears I have two males hanging out in the front window, and so far I've only managed to catch one female. I swear I smile every single time I see one feeding. Love 'em. 
I've been meaning to do this "quilted" mani for the longest time and finally got around to doing it today. I'm pretty perturbed the quilting doesn't show up in the pictures very well, but in person it does.
When I bought my glequins on eBay, I also got 5400 rhinestones for $7. I'm not sure why but I'm in a sparkly mood. You should see me do my jazz hands!! I am fabulousity personified! Truly!
For this one I did a basecoat of Nfu Oh 355, which is the lighter of my two pinks. Then I took striping tape and taped off the quilting. After I had them all taped off, I did a coat of Nfu Oh 354 and while still wet, slowly pulled off the tape.  

I buy my Nfu Oh's from Fabulous Street, and their creme polishes like these are on sale for $10.63 right now; I paid $12.50 full price which I didn't think was too bad considering how much I saw Nfu Oh going for on eBay.

Originally I was figuring I would use clear rhinestones but once I saw the pink ones in my rhinestone wheel, I went with the light pink. They are much more obviously pink in person.

Overall I like how this turned out; I wish you could see it in person because it's much more striking than my pictures show.

Hubster just got home, so I'm outtie! See ya' tomorrow!

Saturday, May 18, 2013


What a nice night I had last night. I'm actually happy I didn't go to dinner with my fave cousin. She came out with a bottle of wine and spent about 4 hours visiting. It's probs more time than we would have had if we had gone out.

We are the same age and grew up friends as well as cousin, but as it goes with so many people from our pasts, we grow up and go our separate ways. She has lived in Savannah for years and until last summer, I don't even know when we had seen each other last. My profile pic is actually one she took last summer when we went to dinner. AND I even like that pic of me, which is highly unusual. Granted, I'm not the ugliest human and no one has ever run screaming in the opposite direction at the sight of me, but still...not so much a fan of photos.

Anywho, apparently she has decided that it's redonk that we don't stay in touch. Can't argue with that!! She's still my fave cuz and just a really good, sweet person. We reminisced, laughed and even cried a bit. I'll blame that on the wine. Hopefully it won't be another year before we see each other again.

Rather than actually painting my nails today, I had 19 new polishes to swatch on palettes and do sample nails to attach to the bottles. Right now I'm still wearing the glequins but will take those off shortly. I haven't yet decided if I'm doing nails tonight or waiting until tomorrow, but I at least thought I'd show off one of my favorite polishes. 
Okay. Look me in the eye and tell me this is not one of the most spectacular polishes you've ever seen. You can't do it, can you! I think it's shockingly beautimous. That color change, that shimmer....what more could a person ask for? 

I'm just going to assume you'd like to know what it is. It's an Enchanted Polish from their Beatles Collection, I Am the Walrus. Now go buy it. You need it. It just doesn't get much better than this.

Because I snagged a great deal on Julep today, I simply must share. Cuz' I'm nice like that. AND I like spending other people's money.  It's 6 polishes on sale for $36, but if you use the coupon code BEAUTYBIO it's only $18!  If you're a Maven, shipping is free, too.  If you're not a Maven, you should probs consider it and sign up using my link: Julep Maven  Personally I've been very happy since I  joined last spring. The best feature of their monthly program is you get to see what they'll be sending and decide if you want to skip the month.

I could go into more detail, but enough of that. I really just wanted you to see that good deal, not make a shameless attempt at getting referrals. 

Maybe tomorrow if I end up not doing my nails, I'll post some pics of my hummingbirds. I got a ton of great photos today just while sitting in the living room taking pics through the front window.  Made me happy and all warm and fuzzy on the inside.  And then I even had a cute Bambi hanging out in the front yard for a bit, just to add to the warm fuzzies. :)

It's been a good day. 'Nuf said.

Friday, May 17, 2013


Golly gee, I was so happy to wake up to my ulcer acting up in full force this morning. Thanks a heap. I did manage to still get my hairs cut and then went to the local appliance store because for some odd reason, my mom wanted me to go look at the refrigerator she's thinking of buying. She's an odd duck, that one. I thought she only ever asked my opinion on living room carpeting, once when I was 10 and once about 6 years ago. Because that woman keeps everything. Forever. Seriously, her current fridge is 29 years old and the only reason she's buying a new one is because the door needs a new part in order to keep it closed.  Who keeps carpeting for 35 years and a refrigerator for 29? Craziness. I have to say I would kill for that fridge she's gonna' buy. Not that it would even fit in my house. After I saw it I called her and told her that I want it so she should just buy me a new house to fit it. 

She disagreed.

I was supposed to go to dinner with my cousin tonight who is up visiting from Savannah, but eating is not happenin'  with this stomach right now. So screwed that up. She is going to come over to visit in a little while so at least I'll get to see her.

I decided to be a little ambitious with the nails last night. I wanted to do more than the accent nail fully covered, but I kept getting interrupted and I didn't have time to do them all. This one is way out of the norm for me.
When wandering eBay one night, apparently I felt like shopping and decided that I must own glequins!! In a whole bunch of colors, no less. WTF?? 

I wish the color and sparkle of this showed better, and of course it was cloudy today so I couldn't even take a shot in the sun. The polish is Barielle Ocean Breeze. The sequins are a shimmery sheer-ish aqua blue. And yes, "sheer-ish" is a word. Google that shit. You'll see that I just made it up.

Of course I couldn't just have an accent nail; that is also so not me. It was still only 1:00 a.m. so I decided to do the stripe near the tips.  I had some fun with this and will probably play with them again at some point, but lordie it was time-consuming!

Bedtime: 2:00 a.m. Me: jackass.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Get me the F outta' here!! Jeebus. Even though I know I just had an extra day off a few weeks ago, I am just dying for a break from here. Must be "spring - shit, it should be summer by now" fever. I don't normally take breaks when I'm at work, but I find myself wandering outside to sit in the sun on the "warm" days. I need sunshine on me!

Got the pool up finally. Of course, it has a tiny leak near the bottom, but it shouldn't be a big problem. Hopefully cleaning out the saltwater system will make it work again because it died at the end of last summer. The water is a toasty 52 degrees right now, and since I have well water, it's a lovely shade of baby-shit green. Sounds inviting, right? You're more than welcome to stop over and take a dip with the dogs. Even they know it's too cold to go in. lol

Still wearing the Agent Lavender from the other day. I know, I're shocked. I was just too tired last night and got home later than planned from my mom's house. I'm trying to think of something to do tonight. I certainly can't leave this on another day.

In the meantime, another oldie but a goodie from October. This was the first time I had tried to do a swirlie marble. Methinks they are purdy damn coolsville.
I have no clue what I used for this. I'm guessing "black" and white".  More than likely they were just Sally Hansen something-or-others. I'm thinking it doesn't really matter. It doesn't to me, anyway. 

I like looking back at some of these older mani's and realizing I like them more now than I probs did back then. These are also my fashion length Custom Nail Solutions nails instead of the glamor length I wear now. I loved them at the time because they seemed long, but I much prefer my current length.

Hopefully you'll see something new from me tomorrow, assuming I think of something to do. I have a few ideas pinned on Pinterest, but some of them look really time-consuming; more of a weekend project. 

You'll just have to wait and see what I end up with, as will I.   

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Last night while I was doing my nails, out of the corner of my eye I spied our first hummingbird of the season!! Yay!! Finally!! Because I was getting hummingbored waiting for them. Can't say I blame him for showing up late. After all, it did just snow last weekend.  Now hopefully his girlfriends will show up soon. 

Since I've been irritated with being behind and posting so late at night, I decided I'll do an old mani for at least today, and possibly for the next couple of days, until I get myself back to where I want to be.  

This mani is one I did last October. My nail group did a 30 day October challenge, and whatever day this was, it had to be geometric. It's the first and only time I've used this stamp, but I'm not sure why. I really like it.

And for the record, I am the only one who did that challenge in October. Gawd, it was hard to do!! I was really determined to accomplish it.....gave me a feeling of self-satisfaction. I don't think I want to do it again, though. Too much pressure!

My basecoat on this one is Julep Jessica. The stamp was done with Julep Eloise and Cheeky stamping plate A, which is one of their large plates. I do like this and may have actually worn it for more than 24 hours if I hadn't been doing that challenge.

Now that my work day is over, off to figure out some dinner! Going over to my mom's tonight since I didn't see her on Mother's Day. I'm sure it will be fantastically exciting! (insert eye roll)  Love her but would rather stay home. lol


Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I've lost my groove!! I was doing so good; my mani's were a day ahead, and I was writing my posts during the day at work so all I had to do was put on finishing touches/proofread after work. Somehow I got things all screwed around so I'm not ahead anymore.  I don't like having to do a mani, write and post and get it all done between 6 p.m. and bedtime. It's much more fun when I have extra time to dork around with what I'm writing.

Somehow over the weekend I'm going to have to get myself back on track.  But at least I'm getting it done today; no guarantees on tomorrow.  

It seems no matter how many purples, violets or lavenders I own, I always find my way back to my first lavender love, China Glaze Agent Lavender. I think if someone mixed up all of my swatches and had me pick one, I'd nail it on the first try every time. 
It's just such a pretty color. Honestly, I just wanna' make out with it. The glitter I used is Studio M Magic Attraction. This is actually stamped on; you just don't get the pattern effect with the glitter. I decided to stamp it anyway because at least it even dispersed the glitter, no buildup in any one spot.  And as always, the pic does not do the glitter justice because it actually is kind of a nice holographic glitter.

Notice the shower curtain background? I gave up on the lightbox tonight; it just was not cooperating at all. Right now I'm having difficulty getting my colors to balance as my hands get more tan; everything looks weird to me at this point.  I can always seem to count on that spare bathroom for purples, tho!  I'm just hoping that one of these times I don't drop the damn camera in the toilet. That would be my luck because probably half the time I don't think to close the lid before shooting. 

So there ya' have it! Hopefully I'll get my timing back on track here soon, but please don't give up on me in the meantime! :) 


Ahhhh, Monday. You can suck it. I just don't see a reason for you to even exist. If only I could just sleep through it because my ass was dragging today for some reason.

Holy shizballs!! We just got insurance info for my 6 hour hospital stint: over $3,000!! Unbelievable. $69 for "after hours", $53 for the x-ray, and I would love to know what the rest of that bill breaks down into. All they did was put Prilosec and Nexium in an IV and give me that godawful "cocktail" to drink. That's IT!! I wonder what it would have cost if they had actually had to DO something!!

I'm really struggling with inspiration lately. I spend hours wandering around just trying to find something to do. Do you all have that happen; where no matter what you see you just don't know what mani to do?? Hate it when I really am in the mood to do my nails but not in the mood to even do an MSMD, let alone something original. Maybe it's spring fever....or the basic lack of spring, that's doing it to me. Having it snow in the middle of May is not conducive to a good mood.
Milani Gold Dust Ninja Polish DRK-A stamp
One of my honorary daughters came to visit tonight, which I always love. She is simply the sweetest, and I adore her....I wish she was actually mine. Feels like she is.  She brought me a Mother's Day present....five nail polishes, and not a single one that I already have, which is pretty remarkable! Of course I immediately had to use one for a mani.
This is Milani Gold Dust. It took three coats to get the coverage I wanted, but it's really a pretty muted gold shimmer. I struggled with an idea to go along with this and decided I'd try one in a dark burgandy. The first one I grabbed was an unnamed Color Club which I stamped with a design off of the DRK-A stamping plate. Done deal. 

I'm glad it went easily because I had actually done almost an entire mani before she came over that simply was not turning out like it looked in my head. I was more than happy to remove it. lol

Sorry so late tonight, but Jackie is much more important than a mani. :)   

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Oh Em Gee.....where did everybody go??  I'm losing viewers like crazy!! I was already feeling guilty because I missed posting yesterday; then I look and see that the last few days have been weird. I had 189 views the other day, and only 48 in the last 2 days? Saddy-pants is me. :(

I really do feel guilty for not posting. I know that's redonk, but my personality is rather addictive so once I start something, I kind of pressure myself if I don't do it all the time. I also feel bad if I don't do my nails. I do try to give myself a break, usually on Friday nights simply because I know I'm not going anywhere on Saturday. Then I ponder for two days what I'm going to do next.

Marbles are good on weekends because I have lots of time to fight with them. This one I struggled with at first. I had to go through 4 different greens before I could get one to spread in the water. By the time I figured that out, I had to keep redoing a couple of them. SO frustrating!! I ended up staying up until 5:00 a.m. because of course I started it way too late, and I only finished the left hand. (anybody else detecting a sleeping pattern here?)

I also couldn't decide if I even wanted to do the right hand because I wasn't sure I liked it and knew I wouldn't know until after I showered to get rid of some of the random little stains on my fingers. Got up this morning at 9:30 and decided I would finish it. For whatever reason, the right hand went like a damn breeze. Ugh. You just never know with a water marble. Finicky little effers.

Also yesterday I was playing on Instagram and decided to post that  pic of the Emmy manicure in yesterday's post. I'm pretty tickled because it actually got a like from the New Girl's official Instagram account! While I realize it doesn't mean much in the long run, I was pretty tickled by it. That was my highlight of yesterday. :)

For the life of me, I can't remember what the "pattern" of this marble is called....drawing a complete, blond moment, old age setting in, brain fart. What the hell is it??? Seriously. It's driving me cray-cray so please post a note if you know what it is. lol
Odd color choices for me. I spent a lot of time wandering the interwebs just trying to find some color combos that would be a bit different than I normally do. I do like it enough to keep it until tomorrow night, especially since I aged 10 years while doing it.

I slapped on a quick basecoat of Sinful Colors white. Ya' know, I use it all the time but never look at the name of it. And I'm not getting off my ass to go look right now, either. 

Next up I dropped in Orly Rock-On Red, China Glaze Sky High-Top for the blue, Square Hue's Flower Power for the green and Sinful Colors Tempest for my poiple. 

Right now I'm kind of regretting that I didn't do a tutorial for this one.  Criminy, there's a sentence I never thought I'd write. I'm scaring myself.

Well, I'm off to hunt down my mother because at some point I do need to go over there today and I can't seem to find her. I imagine she's off with my dang sister or brother somewhere. So annoying! She should be sitting home waiting for my call, right? Sheesh.

Happy Mother's Day to those of you with children, either real or fur-covered!!  Hope your day is wonderful!!