Thursday, October 31, 2013


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally!! I had put out a couple of old catch and release traps that I used to use because of my sneaky little escapee. I had quit using them because I can't see inside and they open way too easily when trying to move them.  But I caught me a mouse around 10:30 last night in one of those different traps I put out. I didn't even hear it snap shut, and he hadn't even eaten the peanut butter so I don't think he was in there for very long.  I checked the trap and saw it was closed, and since I can't see inside of it, I had to pick it up and kind of shake it. They weigh next to nothing so even then I wasn't sure. Finally I set it on the cupboard and put my ear next to it and finally heard movement.

And then I laid the trap in a bowl, snapped a cover on it and handed it to Tyler and said, "go for a ride".  So I'm sure he won't be back. Now I just have to wait and see if any others show up or if this little guy is the Houdini that's been laughing at me for the past three days.  Time will tell.

I ordered a sleep wedge the other day to hopefully let me sleep in bed again and still be able to after surgery on the 13th. They recommend sleeping at a pretty decent incline and actually say to sleep in a recliner, but since I've been failing at sleeping there I was kind of concerned about the next 2 months. Tyler suggested a sleep wedge which had never even crossed my mind. That girl is pretty smart sometimes. I'm looking forward to trying it.

I also finally convinced the damn doctor to give me some pain killers to help me at night. He prescribed me 30 Tylenol with codeine, one or two at bedtime. Hopefully they'll knock my ass OUT.  At this point I've kind of been wondering who I have to sleep with to get a good night's sleep.

Here's the mani I did last night. I decided I had to wear something for Halloween even though nobody will even see it.
American Apparel Factory Grey, Messy Mansion HD01 and HD04 stamp
My grey here is American Apparel Factory Grey and then I used Konad black with my Messy Mansion plates HD01 and HD04 for the tree and for the gravestones stamps. I was really not having an easy time trying to think of something to do, but I am pretty happy with this look.  

This next mani is my all-time fave Halloween mani I think I've done. I just think it's really striking. 
Orly LA Sashay, Square Hue Iron Horse, Butter London matte topcoat, BM 213, HD01 stamp
For my gradient I used Orly LA Sashay and Square Hue Iron Horse. Then I stamped over it using my Bundlemonster BM213 stamp and the Messy Mansion HD01 stamp for the bats. I topped all of that with my fave matte topcoat from Butter London.  I used a dotting tool and went over the bats with Seche Vite to make them shiny so they would stand out more.

I completely stole this idea from Makeup Withdrawal. As soon as I saw it on Pinterest I knew I had to try it. I love the burgundy/black gradient.

And there you have it. Another October come and gone, and now we can sit back and whine about how cold it's getting.

At least that's what I'll be doing. Wouldn't want to break a lifelong tradition.


  1. Ooh! I so need some more stamping plates! Love them both, I think I'm gonna go for the bats as fave though, love the center gradient! Just soaked off my glitter heavy Halloween mani and gone for Zoya Cheryl, it's really vampy so still in the theme!

  2. awesome :) thou i like the 1st ones better :)