Monday, October 7, 2013


Oh, my! Such a dilemma first thing on a Monday!! Do I show the mani I did  yesterday, or do I start posting the Halloween mani's I did for Custom Nail Solutions? Decisions, decisions. Hopefully it's the most major decision I'll have to make all week.

I decided I'll just start throwing out a Halloween mani on random days. At some point in the next couple of weeks mabes I'll do some designs of my own choosing, but in the meantime....
Sinful Colors Snow Me White, China Glaze Happy Go Lucky, Wet n Wild Megalast Club Havana Halloween candy corn
Very unexciting, I know. You've probs seens dozens of these floating around the interwebs already during the past couple of weeks.  This isn't one I would normally do, but since it's what they asked for, I did it just as they wanted it. Candy corn? Not so much. Left to my own devices I don't know that I would have done just straight lines, but whatevs. It was only on for 15 minutes so I don't really shiv a git.

I did pick good colors, though! Very true to the candy corn that I've been mounging on the last couple of days. That shit is seriously addictive. Technically I bought it because Kev likes it. Then I made the mistake of opening the bag and putting it on the end table next to me. I ate so much it started being gross. Then  Kev got home last night and did the same thing. He told me he needed to stop eating it. 20 minutes later he was still going. I finally moved it over to my side of the table so he'd stop, and then I started! It was so unnecessary because we were both so damn full from the ham dinner I had made. I went to bed miserable. I was super thirsty because we had that ham, but every time I took a drink I just got more full and more miserable. I should know better. One bag almost empty; one more to go. lol

The colors in this mani are Sinful Colors Snow Me White, China Glaze Happy Go Lucky and Wet n Wild Megalast Club Havana. I didn't even bother using striping tape for the lines; I just freehanded it. When it was all said and done it occurred to me that I should have done this as a gradient. Duh. I had already moved on to my jack-o-lantern mani so I just let it slide as is.

I did accomplish what I wanted to over the weekend. On Friday I was just a lazy ass. Sat around and watched tv and wandered the interwebs. On Saturday it rained all day so I was miserable. I hate rain more than anything. It actually rained so hard it knocked my hummer feeder right off my picture window. I was leaving it up just in case I had some migrating visitors, but I didn't put it back up. My hanging ones are still up, but I doubt anyone will use them now. Woe is me.

I also managed to soak off my nails and do my new impressions. Now I just need to send those off so I can get me some new nails. I'm asking that they do them just a smidge longer. If they're too long, I'll just file them a little bit.

I watched a TON of tv, too! Now my dvr is only 63% full instead of 76%. I had to stay up until 4 am both Friday and Saturday night to get it there, but it literally causes me stress to be so far behind. Over the next couple of days we'll get caught up on the shows that Kev watches with me. If we're lucky maybe we'll even get to some of the new shows I recorded. I record almost all of them so we can test them out to see if we like them. I'm hoping we hate them all.

I figure I'll be caught up by January 1st. Of 2030.


  1. You are right, those colors were spot on for the candy corn look. I think the look wears well on your longer nails, even for 20 mins :)

    1. I know, right? Of course, with over 1,000 polishes, I'd be in trouble if I couldn't match regular colors like orange and yellow. lol