Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I'm very happy to report that Tinlee has kept down all of the rice I gave her yesterday. This morning I included a little bit of her dry food in with a little bit of rice. She didn't get sick from that so now I guess I'll start slowly eliminating the rice altogether. I hope whatever it was that was making her sick is over with now. I get scared when she doesn't feel well. 

Evidently those rose-colored glasses I've been wearing are inspiring me to do pink mani's. Unless it really is the view from the glasses, and these actually aren't pink. Hmmm....so are these pink? 

I'm lucky I got nails done last night because I kept catching myself dozing off. Finally I had to put down the laptop because it was making me soooo sleepy. I figured the best way to stay awake was to start playing with my nails.
Color Club Halo Hues Cloud Nine, Zoya Mikka, Ninja Polish DRK-C stamp
Yup! It's pink. I didn't really have a major plan when I started this one. I had no clue what I was wearing for work, so smatching wasn't considered. I kind of just went through the drawers that hold my "special" polishes and grabbed Color Club Halo Hues Cloud Nine because it was in the first row. Once I put it on, I thought it needed something extra. I picked out a few different darker pinks and burgandies and just tested them out before deciding on Zoya Mikka to stamp with. Choosing a stamp to use is always the hardest part, but I went with this one off of the Ninja Polish DRK-C plate.

It turned out nice; certainly good enough to wear for a day. 

In case I've never mentioned it, I really, really love Zoya polishes. They work great for everything! I wish I could afford to buy more of those beauties. I only buy them if they have some great special going on.

Somebody mentioned to me that the doctor might want me to remove my nails for surgery. Unacceptable! I've had a few procedures done in the past year that required me to be knocked out. Only once did I have to remove anything, and I only removed my middle finger nail just to shut him up even though they said they could use my toe instead.  I took great joy in throwing up my middle finger and telling him I removed my "statement finger" just for him. He thought it was hilarious and pointed it out to all the nurses.  The other times once I told them what my nails are, they let it slide. I'm thinking I'll just keep my head low and hope they don't mention it. It's bad enough I probably won't be able to paint my nails; having to take them off would just be adding insult to injury.

If I get there and they want them gone, I wish them luck. It's not like a travel with a bottle of acetone, and I doubt they'll want to wait for an hour while I do a soakoff.

My rings don't come off either. I have a feeling they are going to be just thrilled to have me as a patient.


  1. I love Zoya too! I can actually get them here as well! Can't get holo's though, only MAC or Make Up Forever have one or two and they're crazy money:(
    Bwahahaha remove nails for surgery! I don't think so Mr Surgeon! I remember when they asked me to remove my belly stud when I was preggers, I brought a special plastic one and it even stayed in for my C section! I did get a good telling off when I wore rhinestudded knickers and my metal belly ring for an abdominal X-ray once, yeah ok my bad! I'm a terrible patient! Good luck for surgery, rooting for u!

    1. Well, aren't you a rebel! It seems like you might be a much worse patient than me. lol

  2. I love Zoya as well. But I'm the same as you...only buy them when there is a fanflippin'tastic sale! All of my Zoya's are dark colors though. I'm really, really, really trying to expand my polish collection to include lighter to medium colors - but it's so damn hard! I'm drawn to the dark side!! I love my polishes to be so dark they are almost black. I can't really stand light colored polish because I'm already soooo pale, I think it blends in too much - so I go dark so it just washes me out more. I know, crazy logic. Lovin' your mani though.

    Oh...and BTW - my husband said you could just have your husband do your nails while your unable (if that happens)...and only if you husband is in town though. Just a thought.

    1. I would pay money to see my hubby even attempt to paint my nails. Never.Gonna.Happen!
      I'm a super white girl in the winter but still love my light colors. If I had only one option, though,
      I'd probs go dark, too. Which is weird since before I started doing my nails, for some reason I
      thought I couldn't wear dark colors.