Thursday, October 24, 2013


I would just like to state for the record that I think it is super lame that the damn doctor won't give me anything for pain to get me through until the surgery. Weak sauce, doc...weak sauce.

It seems I am learning to sleep in the recliner a little better. I think I only really woke up once last night around 4:00 a.m. We'll see how things go all next week since Tyler is coming home on Saturday. Hopefully me sleeping in the living room won't freak her flow too much since she has a tendency to stay up later than me on weeknights.

Lately I've been so uninspired and lacking in manicure ideas. Any time I come up with a brilliant idea, it's something that will take too long to mess with on a weeknight. I mean, it must be time for at least a marble, right? I've always wanted to completely cover all ten nails in glequins, too, but that is really going to take awhile. I can just picture starting that in the evening and having to stay up all night to finish.....def a weekend idea.

This didn't turn out quite the way I was hoping, but I love it anyway.  The goal was for that green to show up a little better on the black, but it turned out a bit more subtle.  I tried a few different greens. I even asked Kev for his opinion while I had a couple different greens on different fingers, and he chose this one. Smart guy; he agreed with the one I preferred.
Orly Liquid Vinyl, Julep Megan, Llarowe LeaLac XL-A stamp
Love it! My Orly Liquid Vinyl has been getting a workout lately. There's just something about this shimmery green on top of black that I think looks amazeballs. After trying out a few greens, I ended up with my Julep Megan. I had actually stamped three fingers before realizing I was using the same stamp as the light pink/darker pink floral one from a few days ago. OMG! Obvi I couldn't wear that same flower again so soon so I went through my plates for the 89th time and got this flower off of my LeaLac XL-A plate.

I was planning to leave this on until tomorrow, but I don't know if the tips of these are going to hold out while I work the rest of the day. I already have a little chip off the very ends of two nails, and that will drive me crazy if it gets any worse. Right now the spots don't show from head-on; it's just the black part I wrapped over the very tip.  We shall see, I guess!

Oh, for crumps sake; my bossman is too redonk sometimes. I'm not even on my 8 week "vacay" yet, and he's already asking if I can come in to do certain things. He is hilarious. He's all concerned about doing a mediation brief. I told him I would be able to come in; I just won't be able to type as fast. He said that's good because then he doesn't have to hire a "legal" secretary. 

I hope I didn't shock him too much when I advised him that I was not a legal secretary when I got hired. I had been transcribing/typing depositions as an independent contractor, but that was the only legal-type training I had. I told him I would also be available for phone calls from his new secretary, and she can text me if she has questions. I also told him (for the umpteenth time) that a lot of what we do I have forms I use in the computer.  It's pretty comical that he's already starting to worry.

Hell, he even offered to pay me to come in if he needs me.  Gee, thanks, bossman. You'll actually pay me to work? Seriously?

What a guy!  lol


  1. I think in a round about way, he's trying his "best" to say you'll be missed!

    Love the mani as always!

    1. I think he's starting to panic already. lol

  2. Definitely one of my all time faves of yours! I love the dark polishes... and I suppose you've heard that I LOVE GREEN! hahaha :) Nice Diane... not so nice, no pain meds....but I suppose they don't want you getting used to them, so that AFTER the surgery they will do some good!!!

    1. Oh, don't worry, Martha. I thought of you when I posted this one. lol

  3. Lovely! Will give this a try when my stubs grow out, just filed them all down due to breakage:( If your boss doesn't get worried when u take time off then that would be a bad sign! Let him squirm!

    1. I'm so glad I don't have to worry about nails breaking. And yeah, I think the bossman is starting to squirm. lol