Friday, October 4, 2013


Yay for Friday! I am soooo looking forward to going home and not leaving the house for the entire weekend. I even cleaned the house last night so I don't have anything that I need to be doing other than parking my backside in the recliner to watch tv. 

I do have to run to Wally-World before I go home to pick up a few things. The trick will be to not spend $100. For some reason I can't seem to walk out of there without spending around that much. I'm not sure why that is. I might only need toilet paper (which reminds me, I need toilet paper), but I still manage to add enough random shit to my cart that it adds up. Anytime I do manage to spend less, it's like a small personal victory that I happily brag about to the hubster. WooHoo!! I went to Walmart and didn't spend 100 bucks!! Go me!

The rest of the weekend is tv and nails. I gotta' soak these suckers off, do my new impressions and then put these suckers back on. I don't know if I'll do all that in one sitting or if I'll spread it out over the next two days, but I really must get 'er done. Cleaning the house last night when I have so much outgrowth reeks havoc on them.

I did manage to save my mani from Wednesday night, though. I just didn't feel like doing them last night after cleaning and was happy to just leave this one on for another day.
OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui, OPI Can't Find the Czechbook, DRK-C stamp
I was wearing a teal shirt yesterday so I smatched myself using a base of OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui and then topped it off using the DRK-C stamping plate and OPI Can't Find the Czechbook. I was glad the lighter blue stamped over the darker as well as it did.

Well, I wrote all of that around 11:30, before the Wally-World trip.

$128 later, I guess my one month no-buy has ended. I knew I shouldn't have walked down that cosmetics section. I almost made it, too! But then I took that one last turn, and right there on an end cap were the damn Salon Perfect holos. *sigh*  I pulled out my phone, and sure enough, I don't have any of them. So maybe I could just buy one or two; they're only $3.52. Oooo, a gold one! I for sure need that!  Oooo, that green one is pretty, too!! So I'll just get those two and go grab all of the stuff I'm supposed to be buying.

Off to the lawn and garden center where I found two bird feeders that I grabbed along with a couple of bags of bird feed. I'm hoping this will sway those cardinals back into my yard for the winter. I need some birds to watch, dammit!

Oh. And I walked outta' there with seven of those damn polishes. I'm just hopeless.  A new no-buy starts now.


  1. ha ha , I bought more polish on my NO buy than I usually do......... just like when I'm on a diet.... I eat does that even happen. ha ha ha !!! So this month.... buy buy buy! I'll keep a list to see how I do ha ha !!

    BTW love those blues !!!

    1. Geez, Jan. That's not how you do a no buy! lol

  2. You crack me up! Nice choice or words! Same thing happens to me when I go to COSTCO.

    1. Oh jeebus. If I had a Costco I'd really be in trouble.