Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Wowsers. I had such a "good arm day" yesterday.  You know, kinda' like a good hair day or a good eyelash day (yes, that's a thing, at least in my world). For some reason it was hurting a lot less the entire day. It was so good, in fact, that I was actually toying with the idea of not having the surgery. Yes, I am aware that this would be a stupid decision. But the whole recovery thing has me completely freaked out.

But like I said, yesterDAY was pretty damn good. Little did I know that my arm would make me pay for that good day. I would guesstimate that I got less than two hours of sleep last night. The pain was unbelievable. I feel so bad because I would wake up moaning (and not in a good way), and I'm guessing Kev probs didn't get much more sleep than I did. I was in and out of that stupid bed at least 3 times before I just gave up. My arm was just throbbing like crazy, all the way down to my wrist. 

When I was reading up on shoulder issues, most sites mention that sleeping can be a problem. One would assume that if you're lying on your bad arm, you would cause pain. I, on the other hand, do not sleep on my right side; I sleep on my left side. For some reason, when I lay flat, that arm just gets super pissed off at me, and it always hurts more during the night. Weak sauce.

I finally just got up and went and sat on the couch. Shortly after I did that my arm started feeling a little better, and I just fell asleep sitting upright. Weirdsville.  Bottom line, starting tonight I'll be spending my nights in the recliner. Hopefully I'll get more sleep that way, but even if I don't, at least Kevin will.  And so much for considering canceling the surgery. That'll teach me.

I did this little mani last night.
Square Hue Amber Lager, Essie Penny Talk, Llarowe LeaLac B stamp
About the only thing I knew when I started this was that I wanted to use a brownish color. This one happens to be Square Hue Amber Lager, and it's stamped with Essie Penny Talk using my Llarowe LeaLac B stamp plate.  As with all of the Essie mirror collection polishes, this one stamped wonderfully.

I do know I must be tired because I had stamped three fingers with the dragonflies upside down. Joyous. I briefly considered just carrying on and doing them all that way, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Off they came and restamped the proper way. Well, what I consider proper. I know some people stamp the opposite direction. Hell if I know which is the right way.

As usually happens when I'm overtired, have a major headache from lack of sleep and just generally feel like shit on a stick, today was super busy at work. So busy that I didn't even take a lunch hour. Sucks to be me right now.

No candy corn lunch for me today. That really made me saddy-pants. If I go home after work to discover that Kev finished off the last bag, I cannot be held responsible for my actions. 

I figure between the pain, the Vicodin in my system and the devastation over no candy corn, no jury would even consider finding me guilty.