Tuesday, October 29, 2013


So after the dramatic mouse-capades from Sunday night, I was really looking forward to what last night would bring.

Kev was home and since he sits closest to the kitchen, I swear every time he heard a noise he said there was a mouse. I'd jump up and look; nada. Finally around 10:00 he said it again, and he was right! A cute little friend under the cupboard. I volunteered him to bring him somewhere so he took him down the road. I'm not sure how far he went, but around 1:30 I again heard mouse noises from the kitchen although I never saw any droppings. Once again, I wish I knew if it was the same one that keeps coming back. I wish I could tag their little tails when I catch the bastards so I'd know.  

When Kev gets back home Friday, it's time to put some poison under the house, I guess. I don't like it, but even I am not up for an actual infestation of a bunch of meeces.

This morning when I got up I opened the cupboard, and the trap was moved and there were 3 little "gifts", but no mouse. When I got ready to leave for work, I opened the bedroom door like I always do when I leave so the dogs can go back to bed. Kev was super pumped to tell me we have a mouse in the walls. Fan-frickin-tastic.  It makes me glad I'm spending my nights in the recliner; it is not fun to listen to a mouse scratching around behind your head when you're trying to sleep.

That has happened a couple of times in the past. I hope this idiot is smart enough to figure out that there's food in the kitchen and then find his way to it. One year we had one that must have died in there because our bathroom smelled SO HORRIBLE for almost a month! I actually had to keep scented candles burning almost non-stop it was just so gag-inducing.

So the mouse shenanigans continue, and I'm less happy about it now that it has gone from fun to tomfoolery.

Last night I started working on the Too Cute-Icle swatches so I didn't do a "fancy" mani.  I didn't want to just post about mice so I dug out some old manicures from last fall. Just for you. Cuz' I'm nice like that.
It's anybody's guess what I used for this one. Um...black, orange and white? And a stamp? That's just my opinion, of course, but I might be correct on that.
This one isn't really Halloween, but since it's candy corn colors I'm throwing it in. And at least I know what I used; Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Hard to Get, Orly Lemonade, Wet n Wild Club Havana and I'm going to guess a Sally Hansen white. I was mostly using Sally's for my whites in my marbles last year.

Since last fall was my first year of playing with nails, they aren't necessarily perfect stamping efforts, but hey...I was still mostly a beginner back then.

Tomorrow's the day! There will be a whole bunch of pics and reviews of the very purdy polishes from Too Cute-Icle. Methinks you're going to like them. A lot.


  1. Perhaps you could put polish dots on the mice??? Just get a bunch on the brush, and let it drip on the bastard, then you wouldn't have to actually touch it with the brush!! I feel for ya, honestly. I do not like any kind of critters other than the hubster and the dog in my house!!

    1. OMG, that would be too hilarious!! Bwuahahahaha!!!