Wednesday, October 9, 2013


As some of you probs saw, I had entered a contest over on Facebook using my Frankenstein's monster mani. I entered on the last day, and today I found out that I won first place. Obvi I was pretty tickled about that! A big "thank you" to all those who took the time to vote for me, and a big shout out to The Beauty Clutch. I'll get to have some fun spending a gift certificate to their site. More polish for me! Good prices on polish over there; check 'em out and go "like" 'em on Facebook.

Once they posted the winners, of course there had to be someone who popped in on the Facebook page to bitch about the contest. This person didn't enter because; "Most of the entries looked like they were taken off the internet or done in the salon. That is why I did not enter. Maybe enter next contest if it looks like the entries are valid". Oh, really, "Marge"? That's why you didn't enter? Um, okay. I can pretend I'm buying that load of horseshit.

Dem's fightin' words, and the more I've been stewing about this today, the madder it makes me. I immediately pointed out that my nails were done by me and that I thought that remark was insulting. Some other people jumped in to tell her how insulting and wrong her comments were (she made a couple). She's claiming that she and "a group" all thought some of the entries were cheaters because the pics either come up on google images or on Pinterest. Duh.  

Since you are here and obviously already have some knowledge of the nail world, I don't need to tell you how ridiculous her line of "thinking" is. I do find it interesting to note that her Facebook page is one of those that has only 10 friends and everything on it is related to contests. Now, as a person who has been a member of a major sweepstaking site since 2003, I'm well aware that there are people who have a personal FB page and make another one to use just for sweepstakes. I believe this is more than likely the case with this particular account.  And for someone who is obvi soooo very concerned about cheating, maybe she should shut her hypocritical mother-effin' mouth.....having two personal FB accounts is against FB rules. So who's cheating? 

I'm just really angry. There were not a lot of entries in that contest. I know for a fact that the 2nd and 3rd place winners are legit, and there are others that entered that I also know are legit. KNOW it. I actually wasn't thinking I'd even win 1st place since it wasn't just based on votes. There was a crime scene mani hand-done by Nicky Nailslove that I thought was way better than mine. She entered later than I did or I'm thinking she would have kicked my ass.

I don't understand the mindset of people like that. Vent over.

That silly little mani of mine also made it to OK Magazine's online edition in the "Monday Manicure" section along with 6 other Halloween mani's. Now, that I think is pretty cool!  Made for a nice start to my day.

Here's the last of the Halloween mani's I did so far. I might still do some because I have some stamping plates that have some cute stuff on them, but I haven't decided which to use yet.
Wet n Wild Megalast Club Havana, American Apparel Hassid pumpkin jack-o-lanterns Halloween
It's another one I had to do freehand....hate it. Not even sure why I'm posting it. For some reason I feel like I should post my epic fails along with the good stuff. Keeping myself honest, I guess.

Good colors again, tho! Wet n Wild Megalast Club Havana and American Apparel Hassid. As far as oranges go, I think this one really is the truest, orangiest orange I have. Hopefully I'm done using toothpicks for awhile.

Wish me luck for tomorrow; I get to take the afternoon off to drive to the orthopedic doctor to get my MRI results. I don't really know what result I should be hoping for. I just know I need some kind of resolution for this shoulder.

Is it weird that one of my biggest concerns is that I'll need surgery and then won't be able to type or do nails?


  1. Sorry about that "B" Di :( We totally understand your position on this. I love your nail pics...keep em coming :)

    1. Thanks, Tricia. Keep 'em coming? Do you really think you could even get rid of
      me at this point? lol

  2. There's always one who has gotta go and start drama! Congrats on your win though, your work is always impressive :) Haters gonna hate ;p

    I hope your doctors appointment goes well and that they can get to the bottom of your issues soon! Even if you DO have to have surgery, we will all be here waiting for you to recover and get back to sharing your pretty darn awesome free handed looks :)

    1. Yup.There really seems to always be at least one jerk trolling around trying to cause trouble.
      I am for sure having surgery, probs on the 23rd. :(