Wednesday, October 2, 2013


No, flowers did not literally grow on me.  That would make for quite the blog post, though!

Whenever I actually have to go somewhere that isn't "jeans appropriate" but not really "dress up", it's quite the dilemma for me. Since I always wear jeans to the office, I don't own even a single pair of non-jeans; not even a damn pair of khakis. That's kind of ridiculous, but the last time I wanted a pair of dress pants, I went to every store in town, all 5 of them, and had no luck.

So figuring out what to wear to a church for that christening on Saturday was no easy task. I settled on a maxi dress with a cropped cardigan. Since the neckline of said dress borders on slutsville, I threw a cami under it. I'm also happy to report that I did not burst into flames upon entry into the church as I feared might happen.

The dress is the colors of this mani; mauve with blue, cream and some various other colors. It was a "holy-shit-you've-waited-to-long-to-figure-out-your-outfit mani, and I was almost late to the festivities because of it. I hate being late for anything; really irks my ass. But I did make it on time....yay me!
Spoiled Thanks a Latte, Sinful Colors Why Not, Fresh Paint Coconut, Llarowe LeaLac LLC-A stamp
I used a base of Spoiled Thanks a Latte and then found some flowers on my LeaLac LLC-A plate for the stamp. I wanted to get at least two colors of the flowers from the dress, and Sinful Colors Why Not and Fresh Paint Coconut smatched perfectly. 

I really like that Fresh Paint Coconut polish, and I'm glad I bought two of them when I had the chance. It's super similar to OPI's My Vampire is Buff which is just about my fave off-white in the whole wide world.  The formula is really nice, too.  

As for Spoiled polishes, good lordie they smell SO awful!! I have a few of them, and I find their formula to be very inconsistent. A couple I've tried in the past had really turrible application. This one applied well but reeked. Can't say I really understand why that happens.

Now, when I finished this one, I thought it was kind of gross, but like I said, it really was last minute so changing my mind was not an option. I'm talking I had to be at the church by 5:30, and I think I got the last of my topcoat on at 5:05. So yeah. Stuck with it.

As I glanced at it over the next few hours, it really started to grow on me. It certainly is not unusual for me to not be a big fan of something I did, but it's kind of rare that I end up really liking something after wearing it for a bit. This is one of those rare exceptions to the rule. I was actually kind of sad to see it go.

Tonight I'll do the last of my Halloween manicures and send them out along with the four they want that I had done last year. Anytime they ask for some of my older stuff, I cringe. I think I do a better job now. 

At least I hope so.


  1. They do look better now, but who knew... we loved them WHEN!!! :) I like this one, too!!! I agree, at first it was meh....looking at it a bit longer it is OK!!!!!!!!!! :)

    1. Yeah, you surely did see a lot of my early stuff. Whenever I need to use one of those, I cringe. lol
      And you feel the same way about this one as me. It's weird how the opinion changes after you look
      at it long enough.