Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I'd like to officially state that I kinda' want to smack some of my nail group friends. I'm trying so very hard to not buy, and they keep finding and posting all kinds of spectacular polishes. I managed to resist the new Mentality holographics, but come on! I'm only human!  Honestly, if you've never had the pleasure of owning one of their polishes, you really should consider it because they are ah-mazing. 

So today I caved and ordered 3 of the damn things. And while I'm busy hanging my head in shame, the "ladies" are over on Facebook snickering. A-holes. Such a turrible, just turrible, bunch of instigators.

Since I was busy posting this Halloween mani all over Facebook yesterday, shamelessly asking for votes, I may as well post it here today.  I didn't even know about the contest until yesterday, and it ended last night. As far as I know, I did manage to get the most votes, but the winner is chosen by votes AND a judging panel. I think that is a fantastic idea. I don't often enter voting contests because they are notorious for people figuring out how to cheat, and bloggers that have a gazillion followers can really corner the market on votes. There are 3 prizes, so I'm hoping I'll snag one of them. Why wouldn't I want to win free polish, right?

So here's my Frankenstein mani that I did by request.
Orly Green Apple, Sinful Colors Snow Me White, American Apparel Hassid Frankenstein monster Halloween mani
I'm never a huge fan of anything I have to do freehand, but this turned out pretty much exactly like I wanted it to. And oh, hellz bellz, I just realized I didn't even take note of what color green that is. We'll just call it "puke green". If you want to duplicate this one for the holiday, just dig through your greens until you find one that looks kinda' pukeish. Then grab a black and a toothpick and have at it.

I will say I do like it better than the candy corn mani, and I wouldn't have minded leaving it on for a day, but I had to move on to the next thing.

Right now I'd like to move on to going home for the day, but I still have almost an hour to kill. I don't have any work to do; bossman wandered out of here about 45 minutes ago with an "I'll be right back", and I haven't seen him since. I hate when he does that. People call and get annoyed when I don't know when he'll be here or where he is. Mr. Laid-Back just doesn't seem to think I should  know the scoop. I should be used to it after 23 years, but it still irks my ass.

I wish I had trained him better.