Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I thought maybe I'd just be lazy today and not post, but I knew I'd feel bad if I didn't. For all I know people prefer it when I take a break, but I already feel guilty when I don't do weekend posts.

I have several backup mani's waiting to be posted, but the damn things are mostly Christmas ones now.  Last night I had planned to do nails, but I had to take pictures of spilled nail polish for Bridal Guide. That was a lot more difficult than it should have been.  First off, I obvi didn't want to waste a lot of polish, nor did I want to ruin any surfaces in my house when cleaning up that polish.

The back of a black plate served my purposes, but lordie!! Who knew it would be so impossible to get my camera to focus on a splootch of polish. I did four colors, and I bet I had to have taken 50 pictures just trying to get the focus and color right. By the time I finally finished that up, it was too late to do a new mani on myself.

This one I actually did a couple of weeks ago. I seriously dare someone to find me a lavender polish I like better than this.  I have more than a "few" lavenders.....this one has been my fave since I first bought it.
China Glaze Agent Lavender, OPI Road House Blues, Ninja Polish DRK-C stamp
Of course, I'm also sure I've shown it here before, China Glaze Agent Lavender. This time I stamped using my Ninja Polish DRK-C plate with OPI Road House Blues, which just happens to be my very favorite blurple. I also really like this stamp. 

With all of that goodness rolled into one manicure, I should probably love this one more. I mean, I do like it; I just don't love it. I'm actually not even sure how long I wore it. 

I just think you can't go wrong with pretty much any color purple. Or blurple. The hubby and I were looking at vehicles just for shits and giggles the last time we were in Marquette, and they actually had a light blurple Outback on the lot. The salesman looked at me like I was insane when I called it blurple. After I explained what that was, I showed him my nails because that just happened to be the color I was wearing. It I were buying an Outback right now, I would really be tempted to get that color. Kev wasn't really a fan of it, though.  

I figure the sales guy thinks I'm some ditzy dumb blonde after that convo. I am, however, 98% sure that salesman will be using that word from now on when talking to his customers.  Because blurple is a real thing, dammit! 

If they can add the fake word, "conversate" to the dictionary, they should also add "blurple". Just sayin'.


  1. Love your mani! Don't you just love those DRK plates? The images are so big!

    1. Thanks! If it weren't for the DRK and LeaLac plates, I'd never be able to stamp because all of the others are too small.

  2. This mani is awesome! Love the colors and the stamp. :)