Monday, October 21, 2013


After being completely mind boggled and stressed out over the whole surgery/work thing....oh, who am I kidding, stressed out over the work thing, I have decided to postpone surgery until November 13th.

I went to my regular doctor Friday for my normal 6 month checkup. He refilled my scrips and took care of the pre-op stuff for the surgery. When the nurse took my blood pressure, it was wayyyy high. Perfect. The one thing I can always count on to be awesome was complete shit, and I had to stop there after lunch today to have it taken. And it was still high. So I had to sit for 15 minutes so they could re-take it;  yup, still high. Awesome. So now I get to go back next Friday to have it done again. If it's still high I guess the doctor will figure out if he's going to give me something for that nonsense.  Just what I need, another issue. I told him about how my feet keep swelling, so he's checking my thyroid function, too, although if the blood pressure has been high for awhile, that could be causing that. 

Criminy, what the hell else needs to go wrong this year for me, and it's all such stupid crap. Home I go, and all weekend long my mind is  just in a complete tizzy; I can't stop thinking about how in the hell I'm going to be able to work next Monday when I'm not even sure how I'll be able to button my damn jeans. lol

Yesterday I slept off and on all day. And I do mean ALL day. I don't think I was awake for more than 6 hours all together. When I'm super stressed, my body puts me in doze-mode occasionally.  Sometime during all of that sleepiness, I had a brainstorm. Knowing that Kev has a bunch of days off in a row in November, I decided it might be a great idea to postpone. It will give us time to find someone to cover me at work, and Kev will be around at home to help me at first. Mabes I'll have the bossman fill out the unemployment paperwork that says it's a temporary layoff of no more than 45 days, which will mean I can avoid all the hoops of trying to get another job, checking in all the time, etc. I'll get unemployment for 45 days, and then I'll just give up a couple of weeks pay to be off for a full 8 weeks, coming back to work after the 1st of the year. Or maybe I'll jump through the damn hoops and get unemployment the entire time.

Genius, right? I figure it doesn't really make a difference; I'm in pain either way. I already have a call in to the hospital to get it rescheduled.

In the meantime, last week I was asked to provide a couple of mani's to CNS for use in Bridal Guide magazine. WooHoo!! Then I figured I'd let them know if they were going to be wanting anything within the next couple of months, tell me now because I'll probs be out of nail-painting commission for awhile. They jumped on that and had me do 5 mani's for the holiday season. I only did 2 that aren't specifically Christmasy, so I figured I'd throw one up here today.

This is one that they suggest as a New Year celebration mani. This is one of the Sally Hansen Lustre polishes, Azure, and the glitter is OPI Even though I'm really not a fan of glitter mani's on me, this one is really bright and keeps catching my eye. And that's after having it on since Saturday. Tonight it will come off, but I'm really kind of enjoying it in the meantime.

I noticed last night on the Polish Sickness Facebook page that one of my admins had seen a link to a print magazine that featured a Custom Nail Solutions article with my lovely left hand in it, "The Magazine of Santa Clarita". So random. I did message them to get a copy of it because obvi I like to have these magazines, and they told me I can pick one up at their office. That struck me as really comical, and I let them know that I'm in Michigan so they are sending me one. 

Good thing because I don't think Kev could grab me one because he doesn't fly there.


  1. The mani is gorgeous, Diane!!! As for the surgery, it sounds like you're going at it a little less rushed and that you're thinking things through now... the delay won't matter a whole lot and it will give you time to get things in order! Sounds like it will all work out better to do it in November! :)

    1. It is a pretty mani; it was not pretty to take off. You'd swear I super glued that glitter on. lol
      I'm much less stressed out now, and I'm sure I made the right decision in delaying. Whew!

  2. Very New Yearsy! I like it! Surgery/work will be fine, I know, because miracles do happen...a' la last night - A FB friend casually tells me she works for Loreal who make Essie varnishes, and she never uses her '10 free bottles' promo as she doesn't paint her nails, would I like some free Essie varnishes? I almost had a stroke at the PC! I'm still choosing my colours!

    1. Oh so jealous!! I love Essie; have fun trying to choose! :)

    2. I feel so bad that it's such hard work. LMAO