Monday, July 1, 2013


As I've mentioned previously, I'm always happy to do specific manicures for the peeps over at Custom Nail Solutions for them to use in online articles for blogs, magazines, etc.  I never usually know when or where they're going to show up, but I have plenty of great nail friends on Facebook that catch these things immediately.

I get a message from a couple of those lovelies letting me know that I was in the online version of NailIt! magazine. I figured it was probs a pic they will be using for an upcoming online article on french mani's. Then when I went to look, I discovered it's another of the Custom Nails articles.  You can find it here:  NailIt!

As always, I think it's pretty cool. has a similar one up right now, too. 

K....all of that shameless bragging was just a lead-in to these hot messes.  I've been waiting to hear from CNS with 4th of July requests and finally heard from their PR person last week. There was a list of five that they wanted so I knocked out two of them in one night.

I'm not a superfan of patriotic "mani's fer murrica". Nothing against our good ol' red, white and blue; I just think most of the time it makes for ugly manicures. But I say I'll do what they need, so I did 'em. I dislike them so much they don't even deserve to be shown one day at a time.  AND they weren't fun to do, either. I hate doing a white stripe of any kind because there always seems to be some bleeding, but that always gets magnified when it's against red. So don't look too closely.

Oh, another thing! Of all the damn stamping plates I own, can you believe I don't have one that has single stars?? I wanted to stamp stars on those tips and still can't believe I didn't have a star stamp. I suppose I have to try to hunt one of those down now. Sheesh. So I faked it with a damn orange stick. They aren't the greatest stars, but it was midnight, and you get the idea.
4th of July China Glaze Man Hunt, 10 Professional Bewitched and Lady in White red, white and blue

4th of July China Glaze Man Hunt, 10 Professional Bewitched and Lady in White red, white and blue
At least in my vast haul of polishes I did find the perfect America blue, China Glaze Man Hunt.  I used 10 Professional Bewitched for the red and 10 Professional Lady in White for, you guessed it, the white.  The perfection of the colors is the only bright spot in these for me.

I did one more that I'll show you, maybe tomorrow, maybe later in the week. That will depend on whether or not I get a chance to even do my nails. Right now I still have on the "perfect" green marble.  Tyler and Griffin home does not make for extra nail play time. 

Hope your weekend was as good as mine. Days like yesterday are, for me, perfect. Sunny and hot, laid in the pool for four hours, a couple of those playing with Griffin. He is quite the little swimmer for not quite three years old. We swam, the dogs swam, everybody swam. The ex came over to visit with everybody, and then takeout for supper. So sun, fun and no for me!

I'm not even saddy pants about being at work. At least not too much. It's a short work week because of the 4th....hopefully the bossman realizes I have NO intention of being here Friday.  Then next Monday I'm off for my EGD, so that all translates into five whole days with no work.

Now all I have to hope is that the weather cooperates. A couple more nice days, and I will officially look like I should live in Mexico. I'm gonna' be a prettier color than my nails.


  1. Diane, you're so funny... you hate all the stuff you do...hahahaha These look GREAT! And enjoy the 5 days off... and show us the tan!!! :o) <3

    1. I don't hate everything! I bragged all about my perfect green marble. :P

  2. hahahaha... yes, you did! Get to feeling better!!!

  3. Do you allow other people to use your images on their blogs? I saw another blog using a couple of pictures with your information and was curious.