Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Good God, I hate that piece of shit house I live in. Any little thing we try to do is such a major pita. All we want to do is put a new drain in the tub in the spare bathroom. Isn't that supposed to be "simple"?  According to youtube it is. Lying bastards.

Oh, I forgot. If you have crap-ass well water, it corrodes everything so badly it's like the metal of the drain has just grown itself with tentacles to the surrounding areas. It's like trying to fix things in a 100 year old house. But my "house" isn't even 20 years old.

I felt so bad for Kev; he has to crawl under the house all the way to the opposite side to try to detach everything while I sit in the bathtub trying to help. And believe me, I am pretty much useless with my spaghetti arms that have no strength.  We did finally manage to get the drain out and put the new one in.  And of course it leaks. Shocking. So now he'll go to Menard's for the 50th time since we starting doing stuff to get some new parts. 

I think I should just grab my laptop and my dogs and burn the whole thing down.

After playing around with all that and then finally getting dinner, it didn't leave a lot of time for nails. That's my excuse for this bore of a mani.
Nabi 3D Rainbow Effect Red, Essie Mirror Effect Nothing Else Metals LeaLac plate B stamp
I actually thought I would just go with the Nabi 3D Rainbow Effects Red and leave it at that, but I just couldn't do it. I find it very difficult to just have plain nails.  I pretty much grabbed the first easy thing I found in the drawer and stamped.  I used Essie Mirror Effect Nothing Else Metals and LeaLac LLC-B plate for the stamp. Whoop-de-frickin-do.

I have had one minor success; I've only seen 3 or 4 ants since yesterday morning. Stalking with vinegar did the trick. 


  1. Spaghetti arms lol, come on you just didn't wanna ruin your mani! I love the red! Just spent all eve doing a stamped gradient, I am getting slightly better with the stamper but I still don't know how you get the images straight and the same on every nail!! http://pinterest.com/pin/173318285632840363/

    1. Ooo, I love that one! I suck at gradients which is frustrating because I love 'em.