Wednesday, July 24, 2013


So much for getting to bed before midnight last night. Even with my best intentions, I still couldn't manage to get there until 12:45. Evidently I would have to start getting ready for bed at 7 o'clock in order to make it before midnight. Redonk. What the hell is wrong with me?  lol

My headache actually woke me up at 3:30 a.m., so that was awesome. I took some Excedrin Migraine, crossed my fingers it wouldn't hurt my stomach and went back to bed. I got lucky. My major headache was just a smidge of a headache when I got up, and my stomach even survived it. That made for a decent start to the day.

Kev is on his way home after stopping at a walk-in clinic before the 2 hour drive home. He's got strep throat, so that is fan-*&#@ing-tastic.  Just what he needs. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in fast since we have a busy weekend coming up. He never gets sick; I feel so bad for him. 

Right after I finished eating supper I got to the nails.  I wanted to be done early. You know, cuz' I want to be in bed before midnight. LMAO
China Glaze Bogie, Color Club Fashion Addict, Llarowe LeaLac LLC-A stamp
This looks quite a bit more purple in real life.  The base is China Glaze Bogie, and I stamped with the Llarowe LeaLac LLC-A plate using Color Club Fashion Addict. 

Fashion Addict is one of the first polishes I bought on eBay, specifically because I saw it on Chloe's blog. I still love it. It's just a really pretty light purple and is a "bit" holo. Bogie is just a dark brownish-purple. At least that's how I describe it.

So that's that for today. It isn't what I really wanted to do. I had seen a mani I wanted to do, but I just couldn't get the technique to work. It's one of those things I'll just have to try another day when I have the patience.

And with that, I'm off to clean up my nail supply mess before Kev gets home in a minute. As usual, we have about 6 hours of television to catch up on since he hasn't been here since last Thursday.

Someone should buy me a life.


China Glaze Bogie, Color Club Fashion Addict, Llarowe LeaLac LLC-A stamp plate