Saturday, July 20, 2013


 Wow.  What a weird night Thursday was. I stayed up too late (weird, I know) and got to bed at 1:30. Woke up for I have no idea why at 2:15. Got up and got a drink of Dr. Pepper and went back to bed. 

Woke up again at 3:30 to find the power out.....just in my bedroom even though the same circuit also covers my bathroom and the entire living room. Um...that's weird. I'm assuming I woke up because the fan shut off, and it was 100 degrees in there. So once I reset the circuit, I reset the alarm clock, turned on the fan and then waited a few minutes to make sure everything was going to stay on.

All seemed fine so back to bed I went. Woke up again at 5:10 when Baylee was crying....she had to go outside, and she wasn't kidding. Evidently she must have eaten something out in the yard that wanted to get out just as fast as it went in.  Back to bed at 5:20, woke up again at 5:50 and got up at 6:20. 

Crikey! I'm freakin' tired!  I was so looking forward to coming home to nap in the pool. Raced home, uncovered the pool and was in it by 12:30. I had only been laying there for about 15 minutes when the severe thunderstorm warning came on the radio. I could see the clouds off a little ways and figured it might miss me because I was laying in sun. 

I was wrong. As I saw the clouds moving closer I figured I'd better pick up my stuff and go inside. I made it just in time. No sooner did I get in and close the door when the wind started. Holy shitballs...I actually became a bit concerned there for a minute. I left my bathing suit top on and threw on some shorts and decided to wait it out, hopeful that it would pass and get sunny again. It did, so I went back out. And a half hour later it clouded up again and looked like it might rain so I gave up. In typical fashion, 15 minutes after I was all dressed, it got sunny again. By that point I just said screw it. I'll wait til tomorrow.

Decided to play with my nail foils for the umpteenth time. I had read somewhere to use a water-based topcoat on foils to preserve the finish. I immediately ordered one so I was anxious to see if it would really work.  I also bought one of the Sally Hansen gel topcoats to try, but since that would have to be soaked off, I won't try that until I'm ready to soak off my nails again.

I'm calling this "half" a success. It's for sure the best result I've had with a smooth foil, and I think on some of the non-smooth it might really work well. Mabes I'll try that tomorrow. I only did my one hand because I'm just playing, and since I'm not going anywhere this weekend, I might try some others before I put on whatever I decide to wear on Monday.
Dollar Nail Art nail foils, Suncoat Water Based topcoat
I really love this foil. Actually, I really love all of my foils. I gaze at them longingly all the time, just wishing I could use them.  But until I perfect keeping the finish, I doubt I'm going to leave the house in them.

I got my foils from Dollar Nail Art. They are only $1 a roll, and they have a lot to choose from. The only downside with their site is you have to have a $25 minimum order which can be difficult because all of their stuff costs a dollar. I did a group buy with my daughter and a couple of local friends to make the minimum.

I searched around for water-based topcoats and settled on one made by Suncoat. Nothing much to say about it; it's a topcoat. 

So that was my Friday!  And it was just about as exciting as it sounds. What's that noise....

Are you SNORING???  Rude.


  1. Replies
    1. I keep trying them because I think they're so cool, but I hate that topcoats mess up the finish.

  2. I am a licensed nail tech and use foils quite often. The best solution with foils is to use a clear UV Soak off gel as your top coat. So far I have achieved the best results using the Gelish Soak Off Foundation and then the Gelish Soak Off Top It Off. They will cure under a UV or LED lamp. Both can be purchased on either Ebay or a Sally's beauty supply. Even on my customers who are really hard on their nails we are seeing at least a solid week of wear. Some foils will still get very slight wrinkles but nothing like after using regular polish. Water based top coats aren't a good choice either because they literally rub off the nails in a day or so. Give the gel a try and I think you will be in love with your foils.

    1. That's great info, Jamie! I did buy a Sally Hansen gel topcoat that I'll try. If that doesn't work, I'll try the Gelish. I have a light but I'm not even sure which it is because I bought it like 10 years ago when I was doing my own Du Bonne gel nails. I tried it on a sample nail with the Sally Hansen, and it did cure that.

  3. I think your nails look awesome!! I would call it a success...Your too hard on yourself(we are always our own worst critic right? LOL) Looks great as all your mani's do.

    1. Thanks, Kris. Yeah, we are our own worst critics, for sure! lol