Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I hate that I couldn't do a mani last night. It bothers me much more than it should when I have to wear the same mani for more than a day, and I've now done that twice this week. Highly unusual and extremely annoying.

Being in so much pain yesterday sucked ass, frankly. The timing of it couldn't be worse. It makes it so hard to frolic with Griffin (yes, I said frolic). A friend of mine and her daughter also decided that last night was the night they would come to visit. It was so great to see them; tons of laughs with those two.  Love 'em so very much. 

I keep thinking how glad I am that I'm having that EGD on Monday, and then it dawns on me that it's just the test. I probs won't get results right away, and I don't imagine they can actually give me any relief immediately. I'm so over it.

Enough self-pity for one day. I'll just keep popping the Zantac, Tums and Vicodin, use the heating pad, and stick to eating what I seem to instinctively know won't bother me day by day. The weirdest things ever; bread sticks from Dominoes one day; two plain hamburgers from Hardee's last night. It's like I crave odd things, and those things end up not exacerbating the problem. Cray-cray. Good thing, though...otherwise I may starve. lol

I saved this mani that I did for Custom Nail Solutions to post closer to the 4th of July. It's nice that I had it all set for posting since I know there are some days I'm not going to feel like playing with my nails.

It's probs the most success I've had marbling with red and white together. The white pretty much stayed white, although I think I redid a couple of them. Hey, not every one can go as easily as that green one.
China Glaze Man Hunt, 10 Professional Bewitched, 10 Professional Lady in White 4th of July water marble
I stuck with the same red, white and blue I used on the others; China Glaze Man Hunt, 10 Professional Bewitched and Lady in White. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, and these colors really are perfect for the holiday.

While it's not an especially exciting water marble, it works for what I needed. 

I hope you have fun plans for the 4th. As for me, I'm going to my sister's for the annual family cookout. The weather forecast looks decent, and I'm hoping for some pool time before I head over there.

I also have my 35th class reunion on Friday night, and I'm taking one of my best friends from high school as my "date". I haven't seen her in probably 25 years so we have lots of catching up to do. My town is also celebrating its 150th birthday and I got a Facebook message from another old friend I haven't seen in probably 30 years that she's coming to town and wants to get together. So this is going to be a much busier weekend than I usually have. 

Tyler and Griff are leaving Friday, so I'm saddy pants about that. The week flew by way too quickly, but at least they'll be back in 3 weeks to celebrate Griffin's 3rd birthday.

Jeebus H....where does the time go?