Thursday, July 4, 2013


Hope you've all had a fun 4th!  Mine was pretty decent; the dogs let me sleep in until 9:15 which is highly unusual. Woke up and no stomach pain! WooHoo!! Then I got 3 hours lounging in the pool before getting ready to go to my sister's for the annual cookout.
Griffin was adorable, as always. For some reason he is obsessed with my car and is constantly wanting to play in the "red car". If Tyler or Kev have it, he's wanting to know where it is. Then he found the spot where the spare change is kept, and just so you know, according to the Griff, it's a million dollars. Gawd, I just love that kid.  I'm hoping they decide to stay until Saturday so we can swim tomorrow.
Now, this mani is an example of why you do NOT decide to do your nails at the last minute. I was going to do them last night but fell asleep in the recliner instead.
I knew I wanted to use my Nabi Cinnahon again because I was bringing my extra bottle to give to my sister and wanted her to see it on. It seemed like such a great plan to do some fireworks with the Nabi red. Ummmm.....FAIL.  And then I didn't have time to take it off to do something different. Oh, well.
Also, this is an example of not remembering to take a pic until after I started taking it off. Thus, the nekkid thumb. Super attractive. lol
Nabi Cinnahon, Nabi  Red, Messy Mansion MM02 fireworks stamp

So there ya' have it; my weak-ass actual July 4th mani. Guess I should have saved that water marble.

And now that it's 11:35, I guess I will go try to figure out what to do with my nails before bed that won't take 5 hours. Obvi I need something fantabulous for the class reunion tomorrow.

Gotta' be more impressive than this, that's for sure!


  1. I can't wait to see what you wear to a reunion.

  2. I love your nails :)

  3. This is fun! :) Looks great :)

  4. I had a questions about your Custom Nails. I'm debating on getting them. How much damage happens to your real nails and do the edges ever lift and get caught in your hair? I've had that happen a few times when the nail person did a really bad job. Thanks in advance.

    1. After a year of wearing mine, my real nails aren't any worse or better than they were before. They're still crap. No lifting for me. I remember the hair thing with other nails I had. lol