Saturday, July 27, 2013


Since I haven't had time to post the past couple of days, I was bound and determined to squeeze one in today. Not an easy weekend to do since today is running around for a wedding, and tomorrow is running around for Griffin's 3rd birthday.

I did a white, gold and silver water marble on one hand last night for Custom Nail Solutions and then promptly removed it to do nails for today.

Once I decided I was going to water marble, I found 4 colors that smatched my dress pretty well. Thankfully it was one of those nights where the marbles worked out easily.
My starting base is OPI My Vampire is Buff (still my fave neutral ever), and then I marbled with Essie Very Structured, Sinful Colors Leap Flog and China Glaze Lemon Fizz.  I'm happy with how it turned out, and the color match for my dress is pretty good.

As you're about to see. While I was trying to decide which of these colors I would use on my toes, I got a brainstorm.  I did a basecoat of the OPI on my toes, and while that was drying I did the marble in my glass again. Then I grabbed my XL stamper and picked up the marble design from the water.  While my toes were still tacky, I rolled the marble onto my toes. OMG....what a great idea!! I was actually able to do the marble on my toes in a shorter time than it usually takes me just to paint the damn things.

Warning, if you have an aversion to feet; close your browser and go back to playing on Facebook.
That's the fabric of my dress with my ever-so-smatchy hands and feet.

For sure I will do this again because it was super simple and turned out pretty cool. Seriously...water marbled toes?? Bril.

Now I'm off to the wedding reception, but at least I can say I got a blog post in for the day. 

Damn, I am awesome.


  1. Yes, as much as I dislike feet pictures, (although getting more and more used to them)... you ARE pretty awesome with this mani/pedi!!!! Amazed at this for sure!!!

    1. Who do you think I posted the warning for, Martha? lmao

  2. Brilliant brainstorm! Love the colours!

    1. For sure one of my better lightbulb moments. lol