Friday, July 19, 2013


I wish somebody could grant me a couple of extra evening hours. I hate that I've been unable to do my nails every night for the past couple of weeks. It makes me feel like I'm letting myself, and you, down.  I know that's probably ridic, but it's how I feel about it.

I fully intended to do nails Wednesday night, but I just wasn't feeling well.  I knew for sure I would have to do them Thursday, but even that got messed up. When I took my shower this morning my hair was getting caught under my index fingernail by the cuticle, so I knew I'd have to do a soak off and reapply. That cuts into actual manicure time by a lot.

So by the time I got home, made and ate dinner and some other household stuff, I didn't even get started with soak off until almost 8 p.m. That pretty much boils down to doing a quick manicure at 11 p.m.  So that's exactly what I did.

I got 11 new Loreals on eBay that are sitting on my end table waiting to be swatched, so I just grabbed the Greycian Goddess because I was going to wear a grey and black shirt to work today. It's a nice basic medium grey, nothing special. Then I figured I might as well stamp on it. Gawd, it's so friggin' boring! 
L'oreal Greycian Goddess, Sinful Colors Ardoise, Llarowe LeaLac plate B stamp
I used my Llarowe large LeaLac plate B for the stamp. I do like this stamp, but I think it would probs be much more fun with different colors.

And to make matters worse, as soon as I finished it, it dawned on me that very recently I did a grey with a black scribbly stamp.  I must be seriously overtired to do something so similar so close together. So now I'm even more pissed.

You can choose any of the above complaints as a VOTD....they all work.

Evs. I'm not gonna' be wearing it for very long. I'm hoping to have another go with my foils this weekend. I have a new topcoat to try that I'm hoping will not ruin the foils.

So we shall see! If I have my druthers, you'll see some purdy foils at some point. If things go the way they usually do with the foils, you'll end up seeing who knows what.

Sorry I've been missing so many days. Maybe it's a summer thing. Or maybe it's the 90+ degree heat wave at my house and not sleeping worth a damn because it's like 80 something in my bedroom at night.

THAT was not a vent. At all. You will never see me actually complain about hot weather. We get so little of it and for such a short time, I'm going to love every second of it.


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    1. It's just kinda "meh", I think. Thanks, tho! :)

  2. Replies
    1. I love grey, too. I don't love the mani, tho. lol

  3. ohh wow these are so pretty :) and the stamp has a great pattern

    1. Thank you, Gin. These plates are awesome.