Saturday, July 13, 2013


Okay. The ants are making me crazy!! I spent a lot of time cleaning, re-cleaning and stalking them yesterday, and I was very pleased when I didn't see any today in the cupboard, on the cupboard or in my kitchen sink. Success!!

Or so I thought. After spending a couple of hours laying in the pool I came inside and there were dozens around the base of the dishwasher next to the fridge, and a bunch about 4 feet over in the laundry room.  WTF??  Once again I grabbed my spray bottle of vinegar and paper towel and got to murdering the little bastards.  Then began the stalking again, going in every 15 minutes or so to repeat the process. I just cannot figure out where they are coming from, the kitchen or the laundry room. So I drew a line in the doorway with the vinegar to see where they would continue to show up, and it appears to be the kitchen. I haven't seen any now for a few hours, but I wonder where they'll show up tomorrow. Dammit.

And speaking of the pool, that was supposed to be relaxing, but I spent an awful lot of time staring at that tall shrub by the garage again. Evidently spraying it last night accomplished nothing because it was a swarm-fest again today. When Kev called tonight, I advised him that I think I want that shrub gone. It's just an ugly wasp playground, as far as I'm concerned. Just exactly what are those nasty little buggers doing over there??

Such drama in my life, hey? lol

I decided to just play with my nails now that I'm done ant-stalking for the night. On Wednesday I did that neon marble on my friend's nails and knew I had to use the same colors in a marble for myself. I love it.
Square Hue Yellow Submarine, Essie Sunday Funday, Essie Secret Story, Sinful Colors Snow Me White water marble
I painted a  Sinful Colors Snow Me White basecoat before including that with Square Hue Yellow Submarine, Essie Sunday Funday and Essie Secret Story for the marble.

For the record, the colors we used matched her dress exactly, which I guess is in advantage of having over 1,000 polishes. At this point I should be able to match damn near anything.  

It was also a red letter day because the yellow worked. I have the worst luck trying to marble with yellows. It's a very rare thing to have the right color yellow ever work for me. 

I'm super happy with this one, so I guess I'll have to finish it and do the right hand, too.  The hardest decision I have is what color do I do on my toes.

Tomorrow's going to be another pool day, and I'm leaving this mani on for work Monday.  So don't be surprised when I don't show up here tomorrow.

Try to miss me at least a smidge. ;)


  1. Oh wow, I'm having the EXACT same prob with ants!! So far 2 brands of bait poison which they completely ignore in favor of some atomic crumb of sugar of whatev it is they're finding, I read that liquid ant poison was the way to go but I can't get that here :/ so I murder them with Dettol and water in a sprayer!! Besides your ant probs the mani is gorge! I still can't get most of my polishes to even spread in the water so I've given up trying, gah!

  2. Awesome watermarble! <3 We have ants, too, and I've been using a mixture of Borax, sugar, and warm water. It works well!