Wednesday, July 10, 2013


So after my EGD on Monday, yesterday I made the trek an hour away in the opposite direction to see the orthopedic guy about my shoulder. I've been saying for the past couple of weeks that it seemed pointless since the cortisone shot has made me pretty much pain free.

Once again, I was right. My x-rays showed nothing, and he said the next step is an MRI. He didn't recommend doing it right now and said if/when the pain comes back, we'll do it then. He also told me I have maxed out the number of cortisone shots I should get because I could be causing more harm than good. Evidently the MRI will show some kind of stress or an actual tear in my rotator cuff....probs surgery either way. Methinks I'll just cross my prettily polished fingers that it doesn't come back. I'm not askerred of surgery, but the rehab following it would be a big issue with work.

Since we were in Marquette, we decided some shopping was in order. They have more stores than Esky. A trip to Target and TJ Maxx and dinner at Red Lobster. There's $350 I'll never see again. 

We also went and looked at cars. I'm not sure why. I'm dying to get a new car, but I am not dying to have a car payment. But I am dying to get a new car. Can't really decide what I want; a Tribeca? An Outback? Or that cute little red Mini Cooper Roadster convertible that Kev made for me online. I really should decide to not get one, but I guess we're still figuring that out.

I did actually get home in time to do my nails. I'm not liking that I haven't had much time to do them this past week or so. Hopefully life is getting back to normal so I can start doing my nails more often.
Color Club Blue Ming Essie Mirror No Place Like Chrome, Llarowe LeaLac LLC-B stamp
Between mail and shopping yesterday, I got a bunch of new polishes, and this is one of them from the Color Club Blossoming Collection, Blue-Ming. Sorry...looks green to me and is even a perfect smatch for the green shirt I'm wearing today. So I call bullshit. Because they're wrong. End of story.

I knew I wanted to stamp with silver on it so I used my Essie Mirror Effect No Place Like Chrome. As always, it stamped like a champ without any re-do's, and I used my Llarowe LeaLac plate LLC-B for the stamp.

I'm super happy with how this turned out. And since my old high school friend that's in town for a wedding wants her nails done tonight, that's probs a good thing. I highly doubt I'll have time to do hers and my own. 

Gosh, I am such a wonderful person, putting her needs ahead of my own. 

Karma might owe me one.


  1. Ouch, hopefully your shoulder gets better. I had double shoulder surgery at 15 and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. You are completely correct about the physical therapy afterwards...months and months. I love the look of your mani, No Place Like Chrome is one of my favorite stamping polishes. Originally I thought your polish was blue but now I can't decide :)

    1. Are your shoulders good now so at least it was worth it?
      And come on now; you're supposed to agree with me that it's green!! lol

    2. They weren't 100 percent after but I was also 15 at the time and didn't want to do my physical therapy!

    3. Ah....a stubborn teenager. Or "a muley outfit", as my mother would say. lol

  2. Pretty! I couldn't decide whether it was blue or green from your pic so I googled swatches, still can't decide, some look green,some look blue!

    1. If I look up the swatches, I'll just end up confuzled. lol