Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Can you believe that damn drain still isn't installed? I'm SO over it. I swear I'm never going to ask for something to be replaced again. Ever. For realz. Either that or it's going to have to be things that can be accomplished without my assistance. I'm not having fun, and that is unacceptable.

I was so glad that the next needed trip to Menard's wasn't going to happen last night. That meant I could just watch tv and do my nails. Of course it also means that I get to help "fix" the bathtub again when I get home from work.

He also decided that chicken and corn on the cob on the grill was a great idea, neither of which I have ever done. Should be interesting. Suppose I should google that shiz. I remember when I was 18 and tried grilling chicken on one of those cheapo tiny charcoal grills, and the chicken never did cook through so we threw it out. Disgusting. I wasn't much of a cook back in those days! lol

I did end up doing a mani I really like so I may keep it until tomorrow. Unless I somehow get inspired between now and tonight. Doubtful.

I forget how much I like saran wrap mani's until I do one. Then I always wonder why I don't do them more often. Duh.  They're so easy!
OPI Road House Blues, OPI Plugged-In Plum, Sinful Colors Cool Gray saran wrap mani
As soon as I figured out what shirt I was wearing today, I knew I needed blurple. And the perf blurple is OPI Road House Blues. Hands down. Best.One.Ever. I dabbed that on top of Sinful Colors Cool Gray along with OPI Plugged-In Plum.

Pretty, right? Maybe I should have done my bathroom countertop in these colors instead of the grey/white/black.  Hindsight, 20-20. 

You do realize I'm kidding, I hope. Yikers. That would be really a sight to behold; blurple countertops.  Disgusting.

And oddly enough, it would still be better than the blue I got rid of.


  1. LOL.....I can't imagine a purple counter top....
    LOVE this mani...must learn how to do!

    1. SO easy; no learning curve at all. Just do little bits at a time.

  2. I like it! I tried this a LONG time ago and it was so-so... maybe I could do this again!! No purple countertops! hahaha

    1. Not sure why nobody likes the purple countertop idea. lol
      Do the mani; so easy!

  3. Not tried the saran wrap thing yet, will have to give it a go!

    1. Seriously one of the easiest "fancy" mani's to do.