Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Anybody want a puppy? A really, really cute 8 week old puppy? My friend that was Tinlee's breeder has one little darling left in the litter, and he is a little sweetheart. He needs a loving furever home, so I thought I'd throw up a tempting little pic of him. He's located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Oh, if only I could have another....
How cute is he!! I can hardly stand it. Just think; unconditional love, cuteness and puppy breath! Such a fantastic combo! Here is a link to the wonderful couple that bred this little gem. They are some of the best people you'd ever have the good fortune to meet. They don't just breed willy-nilly, and when they have a litter, you have never in your life seen such a bunchful of love lavished over a litter  of pups.  You can find out more about them here: Golden Pawprints  If you love puppies (and who doesn't), go check 'em out!

Wow, I am so sick of looking at that red/gold water marble! It feels like I've had it on forever. Tonight it absolutely has to come off. Criminy, I even have tip wear! Craziness, I tell ya'....craziness!! How do people stand it??  After having it on since Sunday night, I'm hating it. It's got to GO.

Luckily I have a few already done so I'm still here, at least.  We were all just kind of playing with ideas over the weekend, and since I had just bought the polish on one of our polish shopping excursions, I used it for this.
Why I was using my own polish when I could have been borrowing Dani's or Deb's stuff that I don't have is beyond me. But I was just not inspired enough to dig through all of their goodies. This was sitting right in front of me. It's China Glaze Bend Over Backwards, and it is a really nice, deep orange. It's actually a bit richer looking in person, but I was having a helluva time getting good pics in Dani's kitchen.
Ah, the lengths we will go to just trying to catch a good picture. That goofball in the orange is Dani....she really needs to install better lighting if she ever expects me to visit again.  And over there on the left in yellow is Laurie from Dressed Up Digits who came to join us for several hours.  That woman is seriously amazing!! I've never seen anybody knock out mani's faster. Crazy good.

I have no clue what I used for stamping. We were so busy monkeying around that I never thought to write anything down. I know that in looking at this one, I don't like that design because it just looks like I made mistakes and left holes where there should be dots. Trust me; it's a pattern.

There ya' have it; puppy, mani and friends. Great combo, I'm thinking.


  1. Never wanted a puppy more than i do right now.... oh, and I like the design of the dots on the stamp..i did NOT think you 'missed a spot'!! Lovely, as usual!

    1. Awww, I wish you could get him. He's such a little cutie...he's Tinlee's half brother so you know he'd be a sweetheart.

  2. Go for it Kathy!!!!

    Great colors Diane!

    1. I'm thinking Kathy already has her hands full. It would be awesome, tho!
      Thanks, Norma :)