Monday, September 9, 2013


Wow...I am so behind!! The trip downstate was crazy busy. I had my laptop and never turned it on. Not even once. I don't know if that has ever happened before. Usually no matter where I am I find at least some time to get things done on the interwebs. I even had mani's already uploaded and ready to go.  Even this is going to be short because I've been playing catch-up all day at work; it's amazing the amount of work that accumulated from me taking off a half day on Friday. Redonkulous, in fact.

Once I finally decided which dress to wear for the wedding, then it was time to try and figure out a way to smatch it. This was quite the procedure, figuring out which dress and which mani to do. In fact, I was so undecided that I brought my other dress and all of the colors I had used when I marbled my toes and fingers to smatch that dress. Just in case. I thought if I decided to go with the long dress instead, this mani I did on Thursday night would just look completely awful.

Luckily I did not have to change the mani; I wore the short dress. Whew!!  So here's the dress:
And here's the grunge acetone pull I did to try to smatch it.
Don't ask me what colors I used because I haven't a clue. I did this way too late on Thursday night to even worry about what they were. I was just happy to get it done and put all of my junk away so I wouldn't leave a big ol' mess when I left town.

I did actually add a bit more pink to a couple of my nails between the service and the reception, but overall it was a decent attempt at coordinating. It was good enough that people commented on how cool it was that my nails matched my dress. So I was pleased. 

I was not pleased at wearing it from Thursday night all the way to Sunday night. Yikers!! I don't know how people wait for a week or two to have their nails did. I just kept looking at the tip wear and hating that; and then just looking at it and thinking how tired of it I was.

Tyler and Griffin had been home for the weekend, and last night when we got home was the only little bit of time we had to spend with them. Sucks.  After she brought Griff to his other grandma's house for the night, I did just a quick mani just so I'd having something new on.

Of course you'll see that one another day. I'm already itching to take it off.


  1. Love this one but then again I love all your mani's! You do awesome work girl !They were perfectly smatched! Lol ;)

    1. Thanks, Judy...I love when my "nail group peeps" check in here. :)

  2. Replies
    1. lol...thanks!! I do love being tan in the summer. It's a nice change from the
      pasty, pigment challenged look I have the rest of the year. If Cancun cooperates,
      I'll be a lot darker than this.

  3. well it turned out great !! goodonya !

  4. Love it! Want to give this a try some day... !!!!!

    1. Can't wait to see it when you do, but however will you choose colors? You
      have waaayyyy too many now. ;)

  5. I love how they turned out. I agree, I don't know how some people can keep the same mani for two weeks. It drives me crazy that my aunt gets the same color every time we go for our pedicures. She also gets the same color on her nails every time. I cut her some slack since she is legally blind. However I have considered bribing the nail tech to switch polishes.

    1. Thanks, Jim. And I would totes bribe that tech to do something else on your aunt.
      Too funny.