Sunday, September 22, 2013


It sucks to be home. I am glad that I have today to relax before going back to what I assume will be a whole lotta' work tomorrow. Yesterday was a long-ass day; up at 6:30 a.m. to get ready to leave Mexico and didn't get home until 9:30 p.m. Kev had to ditch me in Atlanta because he needed to head to Minneapolis for work today. So I hopped a flight to Detroit and from there one back here to Escanaba.

Tiring. I would like a vacay from being on vacay, please.

I only did my nails twice while I was there. I think it was Tuesday when I decided to take off the marble, and all I did was paint them with Enchanted Polish I Am the Walrus. It's so spectacular on its own I knew I'd be happy with it all by its little ol' lonesome. And I was okay with it for 2 days, even though I dented 3 fingers because it wasn't completely dry when we had gone to dinner. 

I suffered through the dents until I couldn't stand it anymore. Of course that means the next day I removed it from those 3 and repainted them. The plan was to just stamp on them with black because I really like how that looks. Easy-breezy with very little effort.
Enchanted Polish I Am the Walrus stamped
I really thought that I would do them one more time, but I just didn't feel like taking the time to do it. Seriously, it's kind of stupid that I did them at all, when I think about it. Serious addict am I.

Here's a couple pics of my happy Mexico face. The other couple in the pic we met 4 years ago at the El Dorado...they were in the swim-up casita adjoining ours, and we became friends. We've actually been trying to get there with them again, and we finally managed it this year. We didn't have adjoining casitas, but we were in the same section. We did dinner almost every night and hope to go visit them as well as plan our next El Dorado trip together, hopefully ever year from now on. 

We took a cab into Playa Del Carmen to have dinner and walk around. After dinner we passed by this place and realized we had eaten dinner there last time so we stopped for a drink. The place was pretty empty because it was getting late, but the workers were hilarious and very happy to give us some great drinks as well as free shots along with handmade flute-type instruments for Tricia and me. The shots they gave us were lemoncello, which I found disgusting but everybody else liked. Maris asked about the brand, where to buy and how much, and the waiter went to check. When he came back he had another guy in tow, and evidently he makes it himself.  It really caught him off guard when Maris asked to buy a bottle. I don't think he had a clue how much he should ask but finally said $20. That was a great price for it, so Maris walked out with a bottle. The guy should start selling it in the bar; he'd probs make a lot of money.  Maris looked it up on the interwebs, and now he'll be able to make some for himself.....much cheaper than going to Playa.
This one is just some general swing silliness at one of the bars at the resort. We may or may not have been drinking.
I just realized that this swing incident took place while I'm wearing the same shirt as the first pic. And since this photo was taken after coming back from Playa Del Carmen, the evidence of drinkage is already in the other picture. bad. They have quite a thing about swings in bars at the El Dorado. For some reason there are quite a few in this bar, and on our walk back to our section our drinks ran dry. God forbid! So we stopped to get a refill at an outdoor bar, one of several conveniently placed along the way, and they had swings at that one, too. So of course we also had to give those a test run.  They weren't as wide, and we have decided we prefer those. We may have to do some re-testing next year to be sure.

Our last night there, Friday, Kev and I had a candlelight dinner on the beach. We had done that 4 years ago, too, and enjoyed it so much we decided to spend the $140 to do it again. We were a bit disappointed with it this year. The filet was good, but we just weren't all that impressed with the rest  of it. I think by Friday we were both just kind of dragged out and just didn't feel that great. I would say we won't do it again, but the next time we go it's included in our package so we will. Mabes we'll just do it earlier in the week instead of waiting until the end.
We asked our waiter to take a pic (of course). It's pretty damn similar to the one from 4 years ago. Kinda' comical, I think.  Not so much a fan of seeing 4 years of the aging process in such a real-ass way, but whatever. Not much I can do about that. I think I'll blame it on the lighting differences and different camera. Yup. That works.
I think in keeping with the animal theme of this blog's polish name, I'll post a couple of pics in the next post of some of this year's wildlife at the resort. It was a pretty amazing year for that, much better than last time when I think I only saw little gecko lizards running around.

But for now, I do believe I'll take a little nappy-nap. I know I should try to accomplish something, like laundry, but I figure since my sun-dress-donning-shorts-wearing-tank-top-sportin'-bikini days are over for this year, it can wait.


  1. Oh I Looooove that colour, just checked it out on ebay, there's a bottle going for $100! (゜◇゜)I also looove Limoncello, great stuff!

    1. $100?? That is crazy!! Geez, I would have bought more than one if I'd known that was gonna' happen.

    2. The Enchanted polishes always end up going for major moola on ebay! Everytime I search for one it's sold out and ebays got one for crazy money!

  2. Ooh I have to show off my very first successful water marble!
    <( ̄︶ ̄)>

    1. Your water marble is really pretty! Great job!

    2. Thx! My conclusion is that it worked because there was no humidity and the air con was off as it was a chilly 23C!