Monday, September 23, 2013


Lordie, what a start to the week.

The first day back to work after a vacation pretty much always sucks. Since I'm the only person working here, nothing gets done when I'm gone so usually there is a huge pile of paperwork waiting for me. I always dread it because I hate not being caught up.

Cut to this morning. I was up and ready to go like normal. I even thought I'd go in a few minutes early to try to formulate a plan of attack before the bossman showed up. It seemed like such a great idea!

My vehicle, on the other hand, did not think it was a good idea.  On the contrary, I guess my vehicle didn't want me to go to work. Or anywhere else, for that matter.  When it didn't start, I was pissed....I figured it was probs doing the weird security reset thingie it does sometimes so I followed the usual procedure for that and waited 10 minutes.  Um, hello,'re then supposed to start. Remember?

Oh, "not so!" says my car. "Your ass ain't going anywhere if I have my way." All I can think about is how pissed the boss is gonna' be when I call and tell him I'm stranded at home. Yeah, that'll go over great after I've been gone for a week.

So I start calling the office. Over and over and over again. Evidently he didn't feel he needed to be on time today. I finally reached him at 10:00 and told him the scoop. I was waiting for the tow truck to come and drag the irritant over to the mechanic, and I was hitching a ride so I could pick up the loaner vehicle.

Got that accomplished and am now driving a not-so-shiny red.....minivan. God help me; I'm driving a gump-mobile. Hopefully it isn't going to cost a gazillion dollars to have the Equinox fixed....we just spent money on our vacation, dammit! I don't have any extra moolah just laying around! Seriously; I call bullshit.

I really did plan on doing my nails last night, but I just didn't have the ambition to even figure out something to do. So this post is actually a mani I did a couple of weeks ago. Not new to me but still new to you guys.
10 Professional Starstruck, Essie Mirror Blue Rhapsody, Llarowe LeaLac stamp LLC-B
The Navy is 10 Professional Starstruck, and I stamped with Essie Mirror Blue Rhapsody and the Llarowe LeaLac LLC-B plate.

I like this one; it just isn't all that exciting. It was one of those last minute kinda' mani's where I suddenly decided around 11:30 at night that I just "had" to do my nails.  So it is what it is. Or was. Whatever. You know what I mean. lol

And now back to playing "catch-up" at work. I just thought I'd sneak this one in here while I had a minute. I'm hoping tonight I'll decide to not be lazy because right now I have the dreaded tip-wear. Gross. And something I'm not exactly used to and am definitely not a fan of.

Blog post done. Mission accomplished.


  1. Well done! I would've just packed in for the day! I'm gonna have to do a dark blue and silver mani next, a fave colour combo. Although I should really try and get some more marbling in while the weather permits!

    1. I sure am glad I don't have to worry about weather for marbling. That would make me saddddd.