Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I know your last few days have been sad because I wasn't here. Admit it. You've missed me so very much. I know you have.

Firstly, I am very happy to say that my cankle problem seems to have resolved itself. Unfortunately, I'm guessing that probs also means that summer is over. Which sucks. Completely. This weekend we are going downstate for a wedding, and if the weather forecast is correct (no, really...sometimes it happens), it's going to be perfect weather. I may even opt for the short dress instead of a maxi!! Woohoo!!

I will say I'm not actually counting on the forecast being right. It was believing in last weekend's forecast that inspired me to bring 2 swimsuits to Illinois. That might have worked if I had been there Friday morning instead of late afternoon, but no such luck. The weather just did not cooperate so no pool time at all. 

We did get some storms, though, so that was fun. There were some huge winds Friday night, and although there was no damage at Dani's house, there was a lot of damage very close and pretty widespread. A TON of huge trees down. Another storm came in on Sunday night, and it was absolutely breathtaking to watch. We weren't in the middle of it, but the lightning show was stunning.

Luckily swimming was not the main focus for the weekend. Mani's and polish shopping were, and that was a major success. I'll be sharing some of the fun mani's the "ladies" did in another post along with some priceless moments. Suffice it to say, we laughed. A lot. Mabes inhaled a few too many fumes.

I didn't do quite as many as the others, but part of my time was spent teaching water marbling. I did do a few, and this is actually the last one I did on Sunday night before heading home yesterday.
I realized late last night as I was putting the pics on my computer that I didn't write down the names of anything I used. Luckily this red is one that I bought at TJ Maxx, Orly Torrid. Oh, it does really have a great shimmer that doesn't show up in the marble. For the gold I used China Glaze Gold Fusion, which is actually one of their magnetic polishes. It marbles really well, and I hear they are fantastic for stamping.

Finding out that magnetics are good for marbles and stamping is a big plus for me. I'm over the whole magnetic thing, so now I can use them for other stuff. Otherwise I would feel like my money was wasted since I think I have 7 or 8 of the damn things.

It's going to be a fun couple of days posting. I have a few more of my own to put up, and I have quite a few that everyone else did. Oddly enough, I spent a lot of time not doing my nails.

Mabes I didn't inhale enough fumes!



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    1. Thanks, Norma. I didn't do anything extraordinary this weekend. Same old stuffage. :)

  2. so pretty Diane goodonya !!

  3. I was born with cankles, so I am stuck them. >:(

    1. Awww, boo. They probs wouldn't look so bad on me if I didn't have such scrawny legs.