Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Don't feel good; making this a short one.

While we were all just chillin' at the nail get-together Labor Day weekend, Dani pulled out a ton of swatch sticks. She had originally bought them to actually do swatches for her polishes. Sha', right.

Instead she and Deb decided it would be much more fun (and I'm sure it was) to just try out a whole lotta' different things on each stick. So now she has a whole bunch of fancy-ass sticks but no swatches. Ha!

On several of those they have marbles, and one of them we all found interesting. It was done by using Orly Space Cadet, and if you don't own it, what the hell is wrong with you.

It is simply one of the most spectacular multichromes on the face of the earth. True story. BUY IT.

Since I had never used it in a marble before, my interest was piqued so I decided there was no time like the present. Or the past since that was actually a couple of weeks ago. Whatever.  You get my drift.

They had done it with a neutral/nudie color, so that's what I did, too. Do I know the name of it? As with most of what I did that weekend, I have no idea.  Dani, if you're reading this and remember, let me know and I'll edit this to include the name.
I don't remember being disappointed with this marble when I did it, but looking at the photograph now, I am hating it. If memory serves, in person it shows some color shift that just isn't making it into this pic. Bummer.

I'm thinking I'll have to use Space Cadet in another marble at some point, but maybe do it with black instead of a neutral. We shall see. Earlier today I was pretty much challenged to do a different marble.....too much pressure, people!! 

Actually, I just don't have time to play with marbles when vacay is coming up.

As with every other great mani I want to try, I say, "someday I'll get to that one."


  1. You gave me an idea! For some reason I really like this. Maybe because I have always been a b/w fan. Of course this is not exactly white, but still it's neutral and I LIKE it!

  2. You know you wanna "Dance off" ;-) Also, I'M digging the mani. Reminds me of mother of pearl..or like a mother of pearl knock off...Either way, its fly as hell.

  3. I love this! (Yes! I have a total dupe for the Orly Space Cadet, Zoya Ki!) Still haven't got round to marbling but I did try the lacquer in water with hairspray thing, didn't turn out subtle like the pic I saw, but I did like the effect!
    Here's the original tute for 'turquoise nails' you should try it, I know you'd make it look 'amazeballs'!