Friday, September 13, 2013


It's almost here; time for our week long foray to Cancun. That's good news. The bad news? The forecast is all rain. The other bad news? Leaving here at 4 a.m. tonight.

I don't even know how to pack for rainy Cancun; I've only ever been to gorgeous and sunny Cancun. I did find a solution, though. My closet is now empty.  No joke.

Of course I'm already concerned about the trip home because apparently I am on my own for the last two legs. From Atlanta Kev has to go to Minneapolis because he has to work on Sunday.  That sucks for him. But it sucks for me because I'm so used to just following him around at airports I'm going to be like a lost 5 year old.  My last flight does get me right to Escanaba, so that's nice. 

Getting my luggage into my car should  be a good trick since I couldn't lift the medium sized bag into my car when I went to Dani's, so lifting the big one should be really interesting. Yes, I am a weakling, but my shoulder has been getting progressively worse again over the last couple of weeks. So that's awesome, but I couldn't really do anything about it with our trip coming up. Once we get back I'll have to get the MRI and go back to the ortho dude. Lamers.

I am very much looking forward to meeting up with the couple we met the last time we were there. I guess we're going to take the ferry over to Cozumel one day and also go to Playa del Carmen another day. Should be fun! Playa is awesome; there's a whole section of town that's got no cars, and it's all shops and restaurants. Love it.

Now for the nails. This mani is really not me, and it's not a polish I ever would have bought for myself. I got it free in the mail; I think through the Vogue Network on Facebook, but I'm actually not sure.
OPI Magazine Cover Mouse liquid sand
I'm wondering how long these textured, pixie-dust, liquid sand polishes are going to be all the rage or if they'll go the same route as the magnetics.  This one is by OPI, Magazine Cover Mouse from some Disney themed collection (I think).

It doesn't look bad, and it kind of grew on me over the day I wore it, but the textures just don't excite me all that much. Which is too bad because I think I have like 8 of them now. lol

Well, if you don't hear from me, it just means I'm having too much fun in Cancun to play on the computer, although I am bringing it with me. I also already have a couple of mani's on standby so if I find the time, I can whip out a blog post at night.

I wouldn't want ya'll to forget about me!


  1. I slap a top coat on it and then I like it much much more than before the top coat! I have this one and to me it so much prettier with the top coat ! I can't stand the feel of it without it! Feels like sand paper! Lol!

  2. I'm not into pink in any shade, might just go for a dusky dirty shade of pink but fuchsia's an oh no! I do like the textured lacquers though, just got 2 from OPI, 'What Wizardry is this?' Love it! and Solitaire, which I haven't tried out yet.. Have fun in Cancun, hope it's not too rainy, we're mid monsoon over here so it's full on soggy flip flops season...