Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Ahhhh, Monday. You can suck it. I just don't see a reason for you to even exist. If only I could just sleep through it because my ass was dragging today for some reason.

Holy shizballs!! We just got insurance info for my 6 hour hospital stint: over $3,000!! Unbelievable. $69 for "after hours", $53 for the x-ray, and I would love to know what the rest of that bill breaks down into. All they did was put Prilosec and Nexium in an IV and give me that godawful "cocktail" to drink. That's IT!! I wonder what it would have cost if they had actually had to DO something!!

I'm really struggling with inspiration lately. I spend hours wandering around just trying to find something to do. Do you all have that happen; where no matter what you see you just don't know what mani to do?? Hate it when I really am in the mood to do my nails but not in the mood to even do an MSMD, let alone something original. Maybe it's spring fever....or the basic lack of spring, that's doing it to me. Having it snow in the middle of May is not conducive to a good mood.
Milani Gold Dust Ninja Polish DRK-A stamp
One of my honorary daughters came to visit tonight, which I always love. She is simply the sweetest, and I adore her....I wish she was actually mine. Feels like she is.  She brought me a Mother's Day present....five nail polishes, and not a single one that I already have, which is pretty remarkable! Of course I immediately had to use one for a mani.
This is Milani Gold Dust. It took three coats to get the coverage I wanted, but it's really a pretty muted gold shimmer. I struggled with an idea to go along with this and decided I'd try one in a dark burgandy. The first one I grabbed was an unnamed Color Club which I stamped with a design off of the DRK-A stamping plate. Done deal. 

I'm glad it went easily because I had actually done almost an entire mani before she came over that simply was not turning out like it looked in my head. I was more than happy to remove it. lol

Sorry so late tonight, but Jackie is much more important than a mani. :)   


  1. Hospitals, insane money! Hope you're all recovered?! Love the mani, same colours on my toes at the mo! But opposite, dark brown with gold stamp:)

    1. Not recovered...still doing doctor appointments to figure out the problem. "I" know the problem; they just don't listen. lol

  2. Nice mani, Diane! Deciding what to use is a major thing with me... and you know I don't do 1/2 of the neat stuff that you do.. when I can't decide what to do, I just leave the old mani on longer! haha Right now, still sporting the Orly Coachella Dweller topped with Orly Sparkling Garbage... I really think it's my favorite mani to date.. no fancy art, just pretty! :o)

    Glad you got to see Jackie!!!

    1. It drives me crazy sometimes! I love your Coachella mani, too, but I can't
      believe you still have it on! lol

  3. I have this gold. BTW these are the BEST polishes that this rookie owns. I love the way it wears but I have not used the gold. You have inspired me!!!! I am getting a little more use to stamping. I would never have thought to pair those colors. hummmm Thinking....

    Thanks for making my life more enjoyable by doing a hobby that is all about ME!!! Last fall after I took up this hobby I made a promise to myself. To start taking better care of myself, to loose weight (kiss 22 lbs. off this gal) and to try to get those dark spots on my face faded. Still working on that one......but very successful on all other fronts!
    Again....thanks for introducing me to a piece of your little world. :)

    1. I wish the stamp had showed up more of the true burgandy color, but I guess gold plus burgandy equals brown. lol
      I LOVE that you took up this hobby and that it inspired you. You've been doing
      awesome with your nails AND the weight loss. Feels good to do some "me" stuff, right? <3