Saturday, May 18, 2013


What a nice night I had last night. I'm actually happy I didn't go to dinner with my fave cousin. She came out with a bottle of wine and spent about 4 hours visiting. It's probs more time than we would have had if we had gone out.

We are the same age and grew up friends as well as cousin, but as it goes with so many people from our pasts, we grow up and go our separate ways. She has lived in Savannah for years and until last summer, I don't even know when we had seen each other last. My profile pic is actually one she took last summer when we went to dinner. AND I even like that pic of me, which is highly unusual. Granted, I'm not the ugliest human and no one has ever run screaming in the opposite direction at the sight of me, but still...not so much a fan of photos.

Anywho, apparently she has decided that it's redonk that we don't stay in touch. Can't argue with that!! She's still my fave cuz and just a really good, sweet person. We reminisced, laughed and even cried a bit. I'll blame that on the wine. Hopefully it won't be another year before we see each other again.

Rather than actually painting my nails today, I had 19 new polishes to swatch on palettes and do sample nails to attach to the bottles. Right now I'm still wearing the glequins but will take those off shortly. I haven't yet decided if I'm doing nails tonight or waiting until tomorrow, but I at least thought I'd show off one of my favorite polishes. 
Okay. Look me in the eye and tell me this is not one of the most spectacular polishes you've ever seen. You can't do it, can you! I think it's shockingly beautimous. That color change, that shimmer....what more could a person ask for? 

I'm just going to assume you'd like to know what it is. It's an Enchanted Polish from their Beatles Collection, I Am the Walrus. Now go buy it. You need it. It just doesn't get much better than this.

Because I snagged a great deal on Julep today, I simply must share. Cuz' I'm nice like that. AND I like spending other people's money.  It's 6 polishes on sale for $36, but if you use the coupon code BEAUTYBIO it's only $18!  If you're a Maven, shipping is free, too.  If you're not a Maven, you should probs consider it and sign up using my link: Julep Maven  Personally I've been very happy since I  joined last spring. The best feature of their monthly program is you get to see what they'll be sending and decide if you want to skip the month.

I could go into more detail, but enough of that. I really just wanted you to see that good deal, not make a shameless attempt at getting referrals. 

Maybe tomorrow if I end up not doing my nails, I'll post some pics of my hummingbirds. I got a ton of great photos today just while sitting in the living room taking pics through the front window.  Made me happy and all warm and fuzzy on the inside.  And then I even had a cute Bambi hanging out in the front yard for a bit, just to add to the warm fuzzies. :)

It's been a good day. 'Nuf said.


  1. You should file your nails stilletto shape

    1. Never in a million years. I'm not a fan of them.

  2. Love that polish!!!! And love the deals on julep!!!!

  3. I can't locate that polish on their site :(

    1. I just looked and it appears to be sold out everywhere right now.