Thursday, May 9, 2013


Fine. I confess. I ain't no artist. But that doesn't mean I can't do watercolors. Lordie, that was a weak-ass start. I apologize (hanging head in shame)

I have dubbed today "Thankful Thursday", not for any particular reason other than I'm feeling pretty peachy today. I'm sitting here pondering the fact that I have to have an ultrasound on my gallbladder 7:40 a.m., no less. Bastards.  Then I need to have an EGD on the 24th because of my little stint in the emergency room a few weeks ago. AND to top that off, even though I had a cortisone shot in my right shoulder two months ago, I can once again barely move that arm. Pretty inconvenient since I'm right-handed. I don't think they'll give me another shot this soon and figure if I go in, they're going to want to do some stupid ass testing only to find out it's some stupid ass thing like bursitis or some shit they can't do anything for. So eff that noise. I'll just wait it out until I can have another shot. VOTD!!!!!!!!!!

Now....back to the "thankful" part. With all of that nonsense happening, I (just like you, probably) constantly hear/read/see so many horrible things that happen to everyday peeps. Just huge problems; depression, pain, deaths, chronic debilitating illnesses or just a general lack of supportive, loving people in their lives.  In 53 years of life, of course I have gone through several of these things myself. I'm sure at the time I felt like the only one in the world that felt the way I felt. But I wasn't. 

No matter what has gone on in my life, even the shitty stuff has gotten me to the place I am now. I'm feeling blessed to have a damn near perfect husband, one who loves me so much more than I ever knew I could be loved. Just for kicksters I decided to keep track of how many times a day he tells me....I believe the average is something like 7 times a day. Redonk, right? I love him with the very soul of my being and still can't believe how lucky I am to have him. He is completely supportive of everything about me, is completely without anger and truly is one of the nicest guys  you'd ever have the pleasure of meeting.

I'm blessed to have two of the most gorgeous daughters a mom could ever want, and they have both found themselves ah-mazing men to spend their lives with. Our closeness is unparalleled; they are not just my daughters, they are my best friends. I think they'll keep me, and I them. They have given me three spectacular, healthy, loving grandchildren who I am lucky enough to be young enough and healthy enough to enjoy.

I have a job I sometimes hate, but I know that I am extremely lucky to even have a job when so many others do not, and when it comes right down to it, it really is the job of my dreams. In lieu of being famous, of course.

I may have some stupid health issues, and I may wish we had the kind of money that would make us more comfortable and able to help others with, but corny as it sounds, my life is rich with love.

So though I may seem snarky, sarcastic and even more than a little bitchy, on the inside I'm basically a bowl of mush. I'm that person you see standing in the greeting card aisle crying as I read the cards, the one who cries at commercials on tv, the one who cries huge, gasping buckets of tears for the pets of people I've never actually fact, I probably shed a few tears at least a few times a week.  And that is me happy!! lol

So that is Thankful Thursday, by Diane Graham. 

Enough cheese. Now I'm hungry.

What? You came to see my nails? Sorry.....gawd, you're so demanding!!

Months ago I had done a watercolor-type mani where I just put dots of color on my nails and then smooshed them around with a brush dipped in acetone. This time I decided to do it using a sponge to dab on the colors. Then I just let my topcoat kind of smear them together. I rather like this. Maybe I won't do my nails tonight and just keep this!
First I did a basecoat with China Glaze Cheek to Cheek. It's funny. I got this when I bought a lot of 102 CG polishes on eBay...for $100. I went through and kept what I liked and then resold the rest. It worked out great, but this bottle of Cheek to Cheek wasn't selling so I finally just decided to keep it. Now I love it!! It's kind of a sheer pink-tone, but it has a really cool shimmer to it. You can get a look of it here:  We Actually Saw Sunshine Today

Then I just randomly dabbed on CG Lemon Fizz, Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet, OPI You're Such a Budapest, Barielle Pink Quartz and Julep Jessica. I put on my topcoat before they could dry completely so that they'd blend.  The blend went better on some nails than others, but overall I think it turned out good. That ring finger could have used some work, but of course it was late and I was kind of over it.

I believe this post has been long enough to bore you, so I'll wrap it up.  Things are looking up,'s almost Friday!!  

I'm outtie!! See you tomorrow!