Sunday, May 19, 2013


Another weekend come and gone way too fast. Heavy sigh....
I did get a whole lotta' tv watched. Sadly, that's about the only thing I accomplished. I sat outside or in my beloved recliner, playing on the internet, watching tv and taking pics of my hummingbirds. It appears I have two males hanging out in the front window, and so far I've only managed to catch one female. I swear I smile every single time I see one feeding. Love 'em. 
I've been meaning to do this "quilted" mani for the longest time and finally got around to doing it today. I'm pretty perturbed the quilting doesn't show up in the pictures very well, but in person it does.
When I bought my glequins on eBay, I also got 5400 rhinestones for $7. I'm not sure why but I'm in a sparkly mood. You should see me do my jazz hands!! I am fabulousity personified! Truly!
For this one I did a basecoat of Nfu Oh 355, which is the lighter of my two pinks. Then I took striping tape and taped off the quilting. After I had them all taped off, I did a coat of Nfu Oh 354 and while still wet, slowly pulled off the tape.  

I buy my Nfu Oh's from Fabulous Street, and their creme polishes like these are on sale for $10.63 right now; I paid $12.50 full price which I didn't think was too bad considering how much I saw Nfu Oh going for on eBay.

Originally I was figuring I would use clear rhinestones but once I saw the pink ones in my rhinestone wheel, I went with the light pink. They are much more obviously pink in person.

Overall I like how this turned out; I wish you could see it in person because it's much more striking than my pictures show.

Hubster just got home, so I'm outtie! See ya' tomorrow!