Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I've lost my groove!! I was doing so good; my mani's were a day ahead, and I was writing my posts during the day at work so all I had to do was put on finishing touches/proofread after work. Somehow I got things all screwed around so I'm not ahead anymore.  I don't like having to do a mani, write and post and get it all done between 6 p.m. and bedtime. It's much more fun when I have extra time to dork around with what I'm writing.

Somehow over the weekend I'm going to have to get myself back on track.  But at least I'm getting it done today; no guarantees on tomorrow.  

It seems no matter how many purples, violets or lavenders I own, I always find my way back to my first lavender love, China Glaze Agent Lavender. I think if someone mixed up all of my swatches and had me pick one, I'd nail it on the first try every time. 
It's just such a pretty color. Honestly, I just wanna' make out with it. The glitter I used is Studio M Magic Attraction. This is actually stamped on; you just don't get the pattern effect with the glitter. I decided to stamp it anyway because at least it even dispersed the glitter, no buildup in any one spot.  And as always, the pic does not do the glitter justice because it actually is kind of a nice holographic glitter.

Notice the shower curtain background? I gave up on the lightbox tonight; it just was not cooperating at all. Right now I'm having difficulty getting my colors to balance as my hands get more tan; everything looks weird to me at this point.  I can always seem to count on that spare bathroom for purples, tho!  I'm just hoping that one of these times I don't drop the damn camera in the toilet. That would be my luck because probably half the time I don't think to close the lid before shooting. 

So there ya' have it! Hopefully I'll get my timing back on track here soon, but please don't give up on me in the meantime! :) 


  1. Lovely color, Di! I have found a sweet spot in my rv for picture taking at around high noon. The SHOWER, like in it! Was taking a shower, looked at my pure ice/too cute-icle mani and went...whoa. Who needs a light box!!! The shower has a skylight over it, and white walls. Why did i discover this now...with only two more weeks left here?? such is my life!

    1. When you come back home you can start all over finding a new spot. lol

  2. Its a great lavender color! :)