Thursday, May 2, 2013


When I went home for lunch yesterday, I didn't need a coat! And it was sunny!! Be still my heart! A sweltering 60 degrees!!

Yeah. And then I made the mistake of getting out of bed this morning. 38 degrees and heard the weather forecast. Possible snow coming. Are you kidding me? Isn't it May?? Even up here I only actually remember snow in May one time, and that was May 7, 1979. I only remember because I was moving to a town about an hour from me where we lived for six months, and it was an actual blizzard on the day we moved. At this rate I don't think I'd be shocked if it happened again. My yard is starting to green up a tad, and then I look at the other side of the driveway, and there's still a snow pile. Puhleeze. I'm so over it.

And where are my damn hummingbirds?? I hung the feeders up on Saturday and was so hoping they'd be back by now. I became obsessed with them last summer because Tyler's father-in-law gave me an old feeder he had in the garage. We had gone out there for dinner and as we sat out on the deck, the hummers were flying within inches of me. I've always thought they were special, but that did me in. So he gave me that feeder, I hung it, and the whole rest of the summer I was in heaven! I took so many pictures and videos. I would lay in the pool and just watch them and snap pictures. Luckily the camera did not end up in the pool. Like my phone did. lol

Near the end of summer I bought a front window feeder and 3 new ones for the back yard. I thought for sure they'd be back by now. Guess the cold weather really scared them off....I hope they didn't find a new place to go. Color me saddy-pants.   

I'm really ready for summer. Can you tell? I'm so ready that I thought I'd do a summerish mani.  Dang...should have waited on this one.

I truly love yellow, but I just cannot pull it off without a tan. I keep trying it, though.  Lesson NOT learned.  It's time to get my tan on so I can wear things like this. My pale-ass skin just looks gross when I wear yellow. Boo-hiss.
And it's such a purdy yellow, too! More boo-hiss! This is a new one I recently got from the Orly Sweet Collection, Lemonade. I wanted to  put something light on top and thought a holo would look nice and decided to use Color Club Halo Hues Angel Kiss.  I thought it would show up a little better and the holo doesn't pop, but I like the subtlety of it. My tried and true DRK-A stamping plate popping up on this one, too. 

If you just read this, are you a follower yet? Have you liked the Polish Sickness Facebook page? Are you following PolishSickness on Instagram?  Come on! I only need 2 more to hit 100, and today is my one month blogiversary!

If you're not, what the hell are you waiting for? I'd stand on my head and spit nickels to get you to do it, but you wouldn't be able to see me.  I can't afford to pay you. Hmmm....I'm out of options other than begging. So I'm begging. Well, not really, but kinda'. I really want to be a little good at this with lots of peeps following my every move, all jealous and shit that they aren't me. That would be a first, and I think I might enjoy that feeling very much! Geez, I wasn't even aware I'm such a shameless fame-seeker. Put me in one magazine and off the deep end I go. Yikers!

In all seriousness, what do you like to see on blogs that make you keep going to them? I know I go to many, some for the read and pics and some just to see their pictures. I like to look but don't necessarily always like what people write or how they write it. I'm sure that's true of most people. But I'm aiming to please, so help a girl out here. I honestly want to know what you think I'm doing right and what you think I'm doing wrong. I know "I'm" having fun, but I don't want to be the only one enjoying this journey.

Speak up! Queen Bitch (long story) commands it! 



  1. Beautiful! ...and don't get me started on the weather....:(

    1. least you can relate to my weather griping.

  2. Gorgeous! Snow sucks. Hope it starts to warm up soon.

    1. Thanks! I'm starting to think it's just not ever going to warm up. Depressing!

  3. It's a happy mani! Sunshine and flowers for this cold weather! I relate too, I had to pull my little heater out from the trunk of my car. I'd put it there to take home when I thought it was warming up and wouldn't need a space heater at work anymore.

    1. It's so nice to know I'm not the only one bitching. My space heater never stops running at the office. Even in the summer because I freeze in the air conditioning.
      Thanks for being here! :)