Thursday, May 23, 2013


Either I blinked and missed summer, or we just aren't getting it this year. I did wear shorts one day last weekend for a total of about four hours. It appears that all those new shorts I bought for summer should have been left at the store. Mabes I should have bought a new winter coat instead since that's what I had to wear to work this morning.

May 23rd....that's right. A fricken winter coat.  Now, I know we aren't known for the warmest weather on earth up here in Yooperville, but 38 degrees? For realz?? Methinks Ma Nature is being a real bitch. PMS'ing much there, Muther----?

Tomorrow afternoon I get to go have my EGD done. I'm looking forward to the nappy-nap I'll be getting. It does waste part of my long weekend which kind of blows, but whatevs. Gotta' do it.  After I awaken from my slumber, hopefully I'll be able to get to refinishing my bathroom cabinets.  Doesn't that sound like funsies? If you said yes to that question, turn your ass right around and go play on someone else's blog. :P

On to the mani! I actually did this Tuesday night but for whatever reason I just felt like posting that old marble. This actually is quite holo-fantabulous in the light with the black over it. If I'm lyin', I'm dyin'.  And unless those EGD results say otherwise, I don't think I'm going anywhere anytime soon. I'm assuming I have at least another decent 50 years in me.
Layla Flash Black holographic holo Kleancolor Metallic Black Ninja Polish DRK-A stamp
The holo basecoat here is Layla Flash Black. I'm in love with the Layla holo polishes. Great in two coats with nary a bald spot. Rather than use a stamping polish, I used Kleancolor Metallic Black with DRK-A. Their metallics are sooooo great for stamping!! The black one is weird, tho. It's not like a true, solid black. It has the weirdest  tiny silvery pewtery shimmer to it. It's hard to explain (obvi).

I'm not impressed with my stamping job on this one. About all I can say is they are all crooked at the same angle. No matter; it's coming off tonight to be replaced by I have no clue what. Everything I feel like doing is light, and I can't do light until I soak off my nails.  That's the other thing I'm hoping to accomplish this weekend.

Loving all the comments you guys have been leaving!! Awesomeness!! Now I need you, my loyal friends, to go snag me some more followers! The FB page is up to 97...woohoo!! I even have 199 following me on Instagram already, but I seem to be stuck here at 118. Not shabby by any stretch of the imag, but I'm greedy and not afraid to admit it. 

Almost time to head on outta' here. I love Thursdays because I know tomorrow is Friday. Gonna' get my tan on, figure out supper, see how much the hubster got done in that bathroom (hopefully it's painted) and then do my nails while I watch the 'vision.

Au revoir until maƱana!


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