Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Last night while I was doing my nails, out of the corner of my eye I spied our first hummingbird of the season!! Yay!! Finally!! Because I was getting hummingbored waiting for them. Can't say I blame him for showing up late. After all, it did just snow last weekend.  Now hopefully his girlfriends will show up soon. 

Since I've been irritated with being behind and posting so late at night, I decided I'll do an old mani for at least today, and possibly for the next couple of days, until I get myself back to where I want to be.  

This mani is one I did last October. My nail group did a 30 day October challenge, and whatever day this was, it had to be geometric. It's the first and only time I've used this stamp, but I'm not sure why. I really like it.

And for the record, I am the only one who did that challenge in October. Gawd, it was hard to do!! I was really determined to accomplish it.....gave me a feeling of self-satisfaction. I don't think I want to do it again, though. Too much pressure!

My basecoat on this one is Julep Jessica. The stamp was done with Julep Eloise and Cheeky stamping plate A, which is one of their large plates. I do like this and may have actually worn it for more than 24 hours if I hadn't been doing that challenge.

Now that my work day is over, off to figure out some dinner! Going over to my mom's tonight since I didn't see her on Mother's Day. I'm sure it will be fantastically exciting! (insert eye roll)  Love her but would rather stay home. lol



  1. Love this design and those colors together!

  2. Love this! Those cheeky plates are on my nail art wishlist! :)

  3. OK....I totally think you HAVE to do your nails in HUMMINGBIRDS....I expect nothing less!!!

    From one of your royal subjects....

    1. Some of us don't have a hummingbird plate, and there's NO way in hell
      I could do that freehand. Wise-ass. :P