Monday, February 2, 2015


I woke up 20 minutes late this sunny Monday morning, wondering why my alarm didn't go off like it should have. It was set correctly, and it took me a few minutes to decide I really was supposed to be up already.

After I got all ready for work, I was doing my usual stuff on the internet when I heard my most recent genius mouse finally wander into the trap and heard the door close. I had been wondering for about a week if I'd been hearing one but never found evidence until a few days ago. The first night I had the catch and release trap in there I heard him monkeying around, but when I went to see if he was caught, all I found was the cracker pulled out from the back and the door still open. How he dragged that cracker all the way through that tube without the door closing is beyond me. If I close the dishwasher too hard those doors shut.

I didn't see or hear him again until this morning, and this time the door closed. I was just getting ready to leave a few minutes early so I could take him for the drive a couple of miles away so I could let him go when the phone rang. It was my bossman's wife telling me to stay home. Evidently a transformer at the city's power plant exploded last night in a huge ball of flames so the entire city had been without power since the middle of the night. Not a good sitch for those without heat. It was only 1 degree out when I was getting ready to leave here.

Thankfully I'm not on City power so my electricity is fine and dandy. Parts of town have been going on and off for most of the day so far, and they are saying it might be a day or two before things get back to normal. Nice to have the day off but annoying since I got up so early for no reason.

I did have to run to the store up by my house, and of course I still had to let the mouse go. Rather than take the mouse for a ride, I decided I would just walk across the driveway to the woods and release him.  For a mouse smart enough to steal food without getting caught, he sure wasn't very smart about getting away. I  opened the one end and was trying to tip him out but nothing was happening. I was actually afraid the poor little guy had dropped dead from fright.

I carefully opened the other end, peeked in and there he was; all cute little bright eyes and wiggly nose looking out at me. I bent down to let him out, but he still wouldn't go. Finally after a few shakes, off he ran into the woods. Seriously. So effing adorable I can hardly stand it. I laughed all the way to my car.

I did put the trap back in the cupboard just in case he decides to make a return appearance. I know they are filthy little creatures, but I am always so tempted to pick them up and keep 'em.

Over the weekend I got ambitious and did 5 mani's, all of which are kind of Valentine related.  Three turned out decent; one is a super fail in pics, and this one is just a big ol' disappointment.
Zoya Bela, Pure Ice Taupe Drawer, Ali Express 12-48 heart stamp, Valentine
I had soaked off my nails before doing this one, and by the time I decided I didn't like it, it was too late to start over. 

One of the things I do like about reapplying my nails is feeling like I can wear super light colors because the nails are so tight to my cuticle area. This Zoya Bela is so light it's practically not even a color. It's pale pink in the bottle but looks even lighter on my nails.

I thought these hearts off of the Ali Express 12-48 plate were kind of cool and different so thought I'd stamp with a darker pink. Unfortunately I chose Pure Ice Taupe Drawer. I really should have gone with something darker with this stamp. I had briefly considered using black. I wish I had.

Right now I'm considering doing something else. I feel like I have done enough heart nonsense for one week. And it gives me backups for here when I don't have time to do a mani. 

On Thursday we are heading to Illinois to visit Tyler, Bob, Griffin and Zero. Even though it's only been a month since they were here, it seems like I haven't seen them in forever.

I highly doubt there will be any nail painting Thursday through Monday. Grandkid, grandpuppy and playing Yahtzee with my daughter are for sure more fun than swearing at my nails.



  1. Ooh you could double stamp right over that one with a darker color, red or black. Would be a very cool effect!
    I like them though, very delicate and pretty looking :)

    1. Double stamping would have been a great idea!! Too late now, though. lol

  2. I seriously doubt you still have this mani on...but I totally agree, a double stamp with another color would have been great!!! As for mice.... I kill 'em as fast as I can see 'em... well, "I" don't but they don't stand a chance in my house... I hate those nasty critters!!! Ewwww

    1. You know me too well. It is long gone.
      I can't kill 'em. The very first mouse we ever had we had a snap one, and it broke my heart when I heard it go off. Then we tried the sticky trap, and that was even worse, listening to the poor scared little thing trying to get away. I'll just keep catching them and letting them go. They don't hurt anybody.